The UAE expresses solidarity with Nigeria over the victims of the oil plant explosion

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The UAE expressed its sincere sympathy and solidarity with the friendly Federal Republic of Nigeria for the victims of the explosion of an oil plant in the southeastern part of the country, which resulted in dozens of victims. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation expressed its sincere sympathy and sympathy with the Government and the friendly people of Nigeria and to the families and relatives of the victims in this great loss.

An explosion at an illegal oil refinery has killed at least 110 people in the Niger Delta in southern Nigeria.

Police and emergency services said the blast took place last Friday night at a site between the oil states of Rivers and Imo.

“We found at least 110 bodies of evidence of severe burns at the site,” Evianyi Nagy of the National Emergency Agency at the site said earlier.

“We learned that there are many corpses in the nearby forests and forests as a result of some illegal (refinery) operators and those responsible for trying to escape to a safe place,” he said. Naji explained that a number of burning cars and containers used to collect the stolen crude oil and oil products were scattered on the spot.

Police confirmed that the explosion took place at the site of an illegal refinery where its operators and customers were gathered.


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