The UAE condemns the terrorist bombing of a mosque in the Afghan capital

Abu Dhabi, Kabul (WAM, agencies)

The United Arab Emirates has strongly condemned the terrorist bombing that targeted a mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul, which resulted in a number of deaths in addition to injuring dozens of worshipers.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation reaffirmed that the UAE expresses its strong condemnation of these criminal acts and its permanent rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism aimed at destabilizing security and stability and is contrary to humanitarian values ​​and principles.
The Ministry expressed its sincere condolences to the friendly Afghan people and to the families and families of the victims of this heinous crime, and its wishes for a speedy recovery to all the wounded.
The imam of a mosque in the Afghan capital said a powerful explosion took place yesterday, after Friday prayers that killed more than 50 people, amid a series of attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan during the month of Ramadan.
Bismillah Habib, deputy spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said the blast was aimed at the Khalifa Sahib mosque west of Kabul yesterday afternoon, adding that the official death toll was ten.
And the bloody sectarian bombings, some of which were claimed by ISIS, killed dozens.
Horrific scenes posted on social media showed survivors rushing outside the mosque, some of them carrying victims, including children. And blood was seen on the grounds of the mosque area.
One of the survivors, Ahmed, said that “many worshipers were in the mosque when the explosion took place,” adding: “Many of the victims flew from their place.”
The attack came as worshipers gathered in the mosque, after Friday prayers, for a memorial service.
Syed Fadel Agha, the mosque’s imam, said someone believed to be a suicide bomber joined them in the ritual and detonated explosives. “Black smoke rose and spread everywhere, and corpses were everywhere,” he told Reuters, explaining that his nephews were among the dead. “I survived, but I lost my loved ones,” he added.
A resident of the area, Muhammad Saber, said he saw people being transported in ambulances.
“The explosion was very loud and I thought I had lost my hearing,” he added.
The emergency hospital in central Kabul said it treated 21 wounded and that two had died on arrival. A nurse at another hospital, who asked not to be identified, said he had received several critically ill patients. A source in the health sector stated that hospitals have so far received at least 30 corpses.
Dozens of Afghan civilians have been killed in recent weeks in explosions, some of which were claimed by ISIS. The latest attack took place on the last Friday of Ramadan, before the Eid al-Fitr holiday next week.
The Taliban say they have secured the country since seizing power in August and have largely eliminated the local branch of ISIS, but international officials and analysts say the risk of renewed violence remains.
Two bombs exploded in two cars in Mazar-i-Sharif yesterday, killing at least 9. And last Friday, an explosion ripped through a mosque during Friday prayers in the city of Kunduz, killing 33 people.
The UN humanitarian coordinator for Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, condemned the bombing.
“The explosion is another painful blow to the people of Afghanistan, who are still exposed to insecurity and violence,” he said in a statement.
Government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that the perpetrators of the bombing would be punished.
Later, municipal workers stepped in to clear the rubble from the blast site, while armed Taliban fighters cordoned off the area.
No one has yet taken responsibility for the attack.

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