The UAE condemns the “Dohuk” attack and stands in solidarity with Iraq

The UAE reaffirmed its solidarity with Iraq in the measures it is taking to protect its sovereignty and security and underlined its support for conducting investigations into the “Dohuk” attack.

The UAE’s deputy representative to the UN, Ambassador Muhammad Bushahab, during the Security Council session on Iraq, strongly condemned the attack that targeted the “Dohuk” governorate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The UAE expressed its sincere condolences to the Iraqi government and people and to the families of the victims of this heinous crime and wished a speedy recovery to all those injured.

And the “Dohuk” attack, last Wednesday, took place in a summer resort near the city of Zakho in northern Iraq, near the border with Turkey, in an area where Turkish forces are launching a campaign against PKK militants.

Iraq accused Turkey of being responsible for the deaths without providing evidence. Ankara said it had not carried out any attacks targeting civilians in the region and reaffirmed its willingness to hold talks with Iraq to clarify the facts.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “all indications confirm Turkey’s responsibility for the attack and its denial is a black joke.”

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