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The UAE calls on the Syrian parties to engage in the work of the “Constitution Committee”

In its statement on Tuesday before the Security Council on the situation in Syria, the United Arab Emirates stressed the importance of continuing to involve all stakeholders in the work of the Constitutional Committee, to reach a ceasefire across the country and to respond to the fundamental needs and services of the Syrian people.

In its statement, the United Arab Emirates emphasized the need for all stakeholders to engage in negotiations and dialogue, in particular through the work of the Constitutional Committee, and that the dialogue focus on common points of a constitutional nature with Syrian leadership and Syrian ownership. It also welcomed the agreement to hold the eighth session in May and urged that the committee’s work be continued regularly so that the parties can enter into a substantive discussion.

The United Arab Emirates indicated that making progress in the political process requires tackling security challenges by reducing escalation and achieving a ceasefire throughout Syria, especially following the deteriorating security situation in the Al-Hol camp and the rise in killings and violence. against women.

In this context, we see the importance of the camp maintaining its humanitarian character and addressing the roots of extremism and terrorism, which threaten security and stability in Syria and the region, especially in light of the terrorist organization ISIS ‘attacks on civilians in the areas of Deir ez-Zor, Hasaka and eastern Homs.

The United Arab Emirates urged the need to focus on responding to the basic needs and services of the Syrian people, such as electricity, water and food, and pointed to the difficult conditions that the Syrian people are experiencing due to the rise in basic prices. raw materials as a result of the economic crisis, which coincides with the rise in global prices, in addition to the great devastation in the Electricity sector as a result of the war. It also reaffirmed its support for efforts to increase early recovery projects in Syria.

The United Arab Emirates called for the need to provide support to Syrian women and girls, especially after the alarming rise in their suicide rates and persistent sexual violence. The United Arab Emirates also called on the Council to objectively consider the issue of renewing the cross-border aid mechanism to Syria to ensure that aid reaches those in need across the border and across the lines, while welcoming the passage of a humanitarian aid convoy. from Aleppo to northwestern Syria through the lines.

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