The UAE and Turkey have close strategic links

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Akif Gatay Kılıç, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament, stressed that the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have strong strategic ties and, thanks to their weight and distinguished relations, can deal with a range of regional and international issues effectively and positively..

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Kelish referred to the promising areas of cooperation between the two countries, in particular joint investments in economic projects that benefit both sides and businessmen in both countries..

He emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two friendly parliamentary countries in multilateral fora within the framework of the Interparliamentary Union and related organizations, and pointed to efforts to combat terrorism and international problems related to inflation and the food crisis..

He said international trade has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as the world is currently suffering from food and water security crises beyond the high global inflation rate, and stressed the need to intensify international and regional cooperation to help overcome these crises..

On the other hand, the Turkish official spoke about the dangers of terrorism and the need not to link this plague to a particular religion, pointing out what the terrorist organization “ISIS” was doing to Muslims, and stressing the need to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against – terrorist efforts and underlines his refusal to incite to the name of Islam with regard to any form of terrorism..


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