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selena gomez rang in her big 30th birthday with an incredible trip to Italy where she partied on a yacht with Italian-Canadian film producer Andrea Iervolino. With the pair spotted shopping and sightseeing in Capri a few days earlier, they quickly ignited romance rumors as fans wanted to know the 411 about their relationship. A source told EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife that Selena and Andrea definitely enjoy hanging out with each other, but they’ve never crossed the friend zone.

Selena Gomez and Andrea Iervolino sparked romance rumors when they celebrated her 30th birthday together. (Cobra Team / BACKGRID.)

“Selena and Andrea go way back and have celebrated her birthday together many times before,” the insider said, referring to Selena’s 27th celebration. “They have become close over the years after working together on In questionable combat in 2016. They have a great time together, but nothing romantic happens between them.”

The source went on to say that Andrea is also close to Selena’s group of friends, which makes it that much easier for them all to hang out. “They all had a great time celebrating in Italy, eating, swimming, shopping, partying on their boat, banana boat rafting and just goofing around,” the source added, before concluding, “Selena isn’t watching Andrea in that way at all, and things are totally platonic between them.”

Andrea Iervolino is an Italian-Canadian film producer. (Maurizio D’Avanzo / ipa agency n / Shutterstock)

Another source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Selena not only sees Andrea as a “good friend” to have fun with when she’s traveling, but also as a source of business advice. “When she’s in Italy, she usually meets up with him, he’s a great tour guide,” the insider explained. “Now that she’s started producing more and looking to take on new projects, he’s also someone she’s in touch with about work. But whenever people have asked if it’s romantic between them, she’s quick to make it clear that they’re just friends.”

Back in 2019, one of HollywoodLife’s sources spoke about Selena and Andrea’s relationship after they painted the Italian cities red during her 27th birthday. “Selena and Andrea are nothing more than good friends and there is no romance whatsoever between them,” the insider explained. “But friends definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her date someone like Andrea because he’s really nice, he’s handsome, smart, successful, in his early 30s, etc. But right now, nothing is happening between them , and she simply enjoys her time away. .”

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