The thief’s dirty protest after breaking into the home and smearing the house with cheese

Hyde News & Pictures Ltd.  21/02/2022 The dirty burglar Ian Masters, who broke into a house and smeared cheese on the kitchen worktops before stealing bank letters, a Nintendo game and a laptop, started a two-year prison sentence today (Monday) .  A judge heard how the 33-year-old thief forced open a bathroom window as the occupants were out crawling in to look for belongings.  He used a stone to make his way through a glass door in the kitchen, leaving his DNA on the stone.  Police said the Masters used cheese from the refrigerator, which he polished all over the work surfaces in the kitchen.  See copy HNPcheese

Ian Masters was captured thanks to a fingerprint he left on a brick in the house (Photo: Hyde News and Pictures)

A man has been jailed after breaking into a house and carrying out a cheesy protest.

Ian Masters, 33, forced a bathroom door open in Southampton in the middle of the day when the people who lived there were out.

He tore through their belongings and took a Nintendo Switch, a laptop and bank letters.

He also smashed an interior kitchen door with a brick that later turned out to have his fingerprints on, and placed him on the spot.

But perhaps the most bizarre thing about his crime story was that he took some cheese from the fridge and greased the work surfaces.

A police spokesman said: ‘The Masters were sentenced to two years in prison by Portsmouth Crown Court. He had previously admitted to two counts of burglary and fraud by forgery.

‘The court heard how the Masters on November 13 last year, between kl. 11.30am and 2.00pm, broke into a property in Church Lane, Southampton, by opening a bathroom window while the homeowners were out.

‘An interior kitchen door was smashed with a brick and he continued to smear cheese on the kitchen surfaces and stole bank letters, a laptop and a Nintendo Switch console. These were not found. A fingerprint matching Masters ‘was found on the bathroom window.’

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