The Sudanese club pays tribute to the athletes and creators of Ras Al Khaimah

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The Sudanese club of Ras Al Khaimah celebrated the athletes, creators and owners of community initiatives, with Khalaf Salem bin Anbar, general manager of the Emirates Association for Social Development, Mohammed bin Humaidan Al Zaabi, former chairman of the board of Al Jazira Al Hamra Club, Ali Al Joaan , the former Al Taawon Club player, and Ahmed Tayim, a game coach were honored. Athletics at Al-Jazira Al-Hamra Club, Hadi Karim, Athletics coach at Emirates Club, Ramadan Rahma, the Sudanese player in the People of Determination category, and Kamal Omar, along with the Sudanese stars from Al-Hilal and Al-Marikh Jamil and Abu Ubaidah Al-Makki, and the appreciation given to them, God Almighty, Abdullah bin Juma, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Rams Club. The former, Dr. Ali Al-Kobani.

The evening, which was held at the Sudanese Clubhouse, was attended by Youssef Al-Batran, Member of the Federal National Council and President of the Emirates Club, Ali Saleh Al-Harsh, Former President of the Al-Rams Club, Fahd Abdullah bin Juma, Vice President for the Athletics Federation, and Abdulaziz Manqoush, Vice President of the Al-Taawon Club, Abdul Rahman Abdullah bin Juma, Saud Muhammad bin Humaidan, Hudhayfa Ibrahim, engineer Samiha Al Habsi from the “Thank You for Your Volunteer” team, Aisha Al Zaabi, former board member Jazira Al Hamra Club, Abu Bakr Awad, Secretary General of the Sudanese Club of Ras Al Khaimah, Ammar Al Qadi, Sports Secretary, and Mohammed Madi and Dr. Azza Sanadeh.

Al-Batran, Al-Harsh, Fahd Abdullah and Manqush praised the initiative and stressed that it reaffirms the communication between different generations in line with the influential and vital role that sport plays in enabling sustainable development, achieving peace, tolerance, coexistence and respect. , and strengthening the role of women, young people and society in achieving the desired goals.

Saud Muhammad bin Humaidan expressed his appreciation for the initiative to honor his father and said it stemmed from deep values ​​based on respect and love. The Sudanese player Jumaa Rahma, whose name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records by scoring 354 penalties. kick for 60 minutes with one foot as a result of amputation of the other, confirmed his happiness with the honor and said it represented an important motivation for him.

In return, Abu Bakr Awwad praised the response that the initiative received from officials in various departments, and praised the honorable and wonderful attendance of athletes, especially Ali Saleh Al-Harsh, who represents a wonderful sports figure in the Emirate Ras Al Khaimah with his unique personality, respected by all, and Azza Sanadah praised the initiative to honor her late husband Al-Kubani. And she embodies the highest form of loyalty to each of the most generous gifts.


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