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The Republican state group is making high fuel prices with Joe Biden gas tanks

The Republican State Leadership Committee offers donors a unique piece of political merchandise: a Joe Biden gas can.

The committee on Thursday revealed the red gas canisters with a photo of the masked president based on #LetsGoBrandon hashtags.

“Find fuel now, before the gas reaches $ 10 per gallon,” says Dunk, who makes a $ 58 or more RSLC contribution.

Pitchet comes with Republicans blaming sky-high gas prices on the Biden administration’s energy policy, including the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and the repeal of new oil and gas leasing on federal lands ahead of the November election.

“Joe Biden and his liberal allies in the states continue to drive gas prices up with their war on domestic energy production, and the Americans simply can not afford the pain the Democrats are causing at the pump,” said Andrew Romeo, spokesman for RSLC, which is seeking. to elect Republican state legislators.

“The solution to lowering gas prices is to elect more Republicans in the states who can keep the line on Biden’s failing agenda, but until then we hope the Americans make use of these containers and start filling up extra before gas prices skyrocket even more. , “said Mr. said Romeo.

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Democrats have tried to put the blame on oil and gas companies’ alleged price spills, which industry groups deny, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Mr. Biden has accused “Putin’s price increase” of creating higher costs for energy, food and other goods.

RSLC also released a video Thursday called “Got You Covered,” which contrasts energy prices under Mr. Biden and former President Donald Trump, and concluded with the message: “Stop the madness. Choose state Republicans.”

The average price for a gallon of gas was $ 4.14 on Thursday, down from $ 4.24 a month ago, but well above last year’s $ 2.88 per gallon, according to AAA figures.

A poll by Rasmussen Reports published on Wednesday showed that 51% of likely American voters blame Mr Biden for rising gas prices, while 15% blame Mr Putin and 26% blame the oil companies.

Most Republican and independent voters blamed Mr Biden, while only 24% of Democrats blamed the president.

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