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THE QUANTUM TERROR (2022) Reviews of Lovecraftian horror

Quantum terror is a sci-fi horror film from 2022, in which a group of young people search dark tunnels in search of their missing friend
Written and directed by Christopher Cooksey (creation designer at Harbinger down). The film stars Kristin Cochell, Paula Marcenaro Solinger and Matt Blackwell.

“The twin sister and ex-boyfriend of a missing graduate student take their friends down a maze of dark tunnels inhabited by a foreign unit in search of her. A story of terror and madness in the tradition of HP Lovecraft, David Lynch and old school practical effects.”

… Some of the feel of Lovecraft has been achieved (definitely ‘Color Out of Space’ and ‘From Beyond’ were influences), but the cast is pretty wooden and it feels like it’s all creeping into an FX party a little too fast. Bloody flick

“Cooksey’s style is obviously Lynchian in all the best ways. He understands the power of Lynch’s hard-boiled dialogue rhythms, where the simplicity of speech guides the viewer through the labyrinthine structures of The Quantum Terror. […] The performances are all good and the actors work masterfully with their Lynchian close-ups. “

“Although there are some plot clichés, one of which I saw coming early, there are also quite a few surprises that I really enjoyed. The acting is occasionally stilted here and there, but pretty much everyone does a decent job. The dialogue is sometimes complex, especially Blackwell’s, but he handles it with respect. ” Indie horror movies

Cast and characters:
Kristin Cochell… Samantha Carroll / Silvia Carroll
Paula Marcenaro Solinger… Lucy
Matt Blackwell… Jacob Colt
Dimitrius Pulido… Professor Rathbone
Val Mayerik … Detective Ritchie
Jordan Michael Brinkman… Noah

Recording locations:
Kyle, Texas

$ 30,000 (estimated)

Movie facts:
Many of the tentacle effects in Quantum terror was designed by special effects company studioADI; their credits include Tremors, Starship Troopersthat Foreigners franchise, Death becomes her, Things prequel, THAT (2017) and The predator.

Quantum terror has been in production since 2016 when this teaser trailer was posted online. We originally covered the film in May 2018. It was released in April 2022.



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