The “Penthouse Penthouse” season begins on April 28 for 40 days

The Arabian Gulf region, which runs from April 28 to June 7 next year, enters the season of the “Penthouse Pleiades” as the chandelier begins to hide behind the red sunset of the setting sun in the western horizon of end of April and remains hidden inside the glow of the sun for a period of about forty days, moving from an evening planet looking over the western horizon. After sunset before the week of April 29 to the planet Sabah, it appears at dawn from the eastern side, from next June 7th.

Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, chairman of the board of the Emirates Astronomy Society, said that “the nacelle” means the absence of the chandelier star from the west, immediately after sunset, and it is said to him “the shadow of the chandelier” or “the absence of the chandelier.”

The Nacelle season is one of the important seasons for the Arabs on the Arabian Peninsula, as it is a phase of separation between the onset of heat, which is summer, and the intensity of heat or suffocating heat, as the summer arm dominates the climate. system throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

The Pleiades ‘sunset is preceded by a wave of atmospheric disturbances called the “Pleiades’ strike or the Pleiades ‘clouds” or as it is known as the “Yolate” or the nights of the Pleiades’ sunset as the region’s people know it Arabia or between the arms of spring and summer.

With the al-Kana season, the air temperature rises to more than 40 m at the upper levels, the air is dominated by drought, low humidity and the activity of the north winds. .

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