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The opposition is targeting Modi over taxes on petrol and diesel

Opposition prime ministers ruled states and senior opposition leaders attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his demand to reduce taxes on petrol and diesel. The opposition parties are trying to wage a joint battle over the issue of decentralization of shares and the extra tax and duties on oil products.

Telangana’s Prime Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao asked the Prime Minister, saying Modi should be ashamed to make such statements. “Why can’t the center lower taxes instead of asking the states? The center has not only increased taxes, it also collects cessations. If you have the courage, explain the increased taxes,” he asked.

Trinamool Congress promise

West Bengal’s Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee did not say anything either. She challenged the center to clear the revenue taxes for her state. She urged the center not to bulldoze democracy. “Modi should be the last person to talk about cooperative federalism because ’56 inches’ only knows how to accuse, exploit, discriminate and neglect opposition states,” she said. The Trinamool Congress promised that if the center exempts our contingent, the government will exempt all taxes on gasoline and diesel for the next five years. “INR 97,807.91 million must be paid. Modi, let’s see if you can deliver,” the party said in a statement.

Senior Congressman Rahul Gandhi said Modi’s federalism is not cooperative, but coercive. “High fuel prices – guilt states. Coal shortage – guilt states. Oxygen deficiency – guilt states. 68 percent of all fuel taxes are taken by the center. Still, the prime minister abdicates responsibility. Modi’s federalism is not cooperative. It is coercion,” he says. said Gandhi.

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said on the day the Prime Minister called on states to lower the VAT rate on petrol and diesel that the Ministry of Finance announced that the center owes 78,704 million. INR to the states. The amount owed is actually more. If you add the amounts that the states claim they owe them, the total amount can be greater. Only the Public Accounts Officer (CGA) can certify the correct amount. It will be interesting to know why the Ministry of Finance embarrassed the Prime Minister on the day he chose to exhort the states! ”He said on Twitter.

CPI (M) Secretary-General Sitaram Yechury said the hypocrisy of the Modi government, which is asking states to lower prices, is unlimited. “Like the central excise tax on petrol, the public is crushing. Increasing unemployment along with the central excise tax is toxic to India,” he said. “FM informed the parliament that between 2018-21, the center earned as much as 8.02 L cr. Via petro taxes. Instead of scrapping these, Modi is asking the states to reduce when their revenue share has stagnated,” he added.

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April 28, 2022

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