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The Nudels of Nudeland (2022) Movie Review

The Nudels of Nudeland (2022) Movie Review

Where to start?

It’s actually hard to describe the experience that is Noodles of Nøgenland. It should not be, as it is basically an emotionally superficial story set in a comic setting, a feature it shares with many comedy films. But this does not look like anything you’ve ever seen. It’s not that it’s naughty. It is so self-conscious about its essence that at some point it plays like a documentary or a commercial about the place that is ultimately ideal for its characters. IN Noodles of Nøgenland those who wear clothes are the subject of a joke. And those who do not are simply … normal.

If you’re bitten by naked bodies, then … Go! Now before it’s too late.

Noodles of Nøgenland are a series of funny vignettes depicting a journey. One that is hard to shape in another way that is not “nudity is happiness”. It has a sense of humor that is largely aimed at those who for some reason understand a lifestyle that is quite special.

It is also far from being explored in the film. Noodles of Nøgenland seeks no reason beyond its basic, slapstick premise. If you’re cool with that, then come along. If you are not, then it’s okay. What Tim Chizmar does is undeniably brave, but at least he does not go after indoctrination of his idea. This is far less serious.

Of course, Noodles of Nøgenland could use some improvements and edits. Chizmar does not even mind a few mistakes in some lines and just agrees with the idea that the film is authentic. As I thought about it, I turned the page and followed Chizmar’s intentions to tell two stories that did not need to be told, but that talk a lot about ourselves: anxious people who only feel comfortable when they are naked.

When they are transported to Nudeland, they find happiness. In a way. This paradise has all sorts of characters appearing in strange surroundings that do not do much for the story. But they are at least themselves. Author / director Chizmar is not determined to make them credible or even sympathetic. They are just projections of something that is out of this world. And always wearing their birthday attire.

This is the example of a good idea that needs to be reworked to serve its ultimate purpose. There are some good pictures and even sympathetic characters with an interesting background story. And then it’s a jumble of bad costumes, inexplicable characters and miserable acting. If you can take it, then welcome to Nudeland. Let us know how it goes.

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