The Museum of the Future enriches new generations with innovative experiences

The Museum of the Future in Dubai has dedicated innovative activities for the new generation of “Future Champions” experiences for visitors under the age of ten, as they have a special corner with recreational and educational activities in an open world to explore and play with focus on future competencies.

The “Future Heroes” experiences, designed as a unique creative space within the Museum of the Future, come within three sections, Imagination Lab, Design Lab and Building Lab, to motivate children from three to 10 years to discover the worlds of the future through a set fun activities based on training and collaboration, to participate in Solve simple, tailored challenges.

The museum created the entertainment activities presented within the “Masters of the Future” based on the ideas and concepts on which electronic games are based, but this time without virtual screens, with the aim that children can enjoy in a real world based on stimulation and exploration of the future, and each child must perform an educational and recreational task represented in exploring areas of And new activities, taking up challenges and collecting rewards through a “smart” bracelet that connects to his wrist and interacts with him during the entertainment activities and challenges he participates in, of which he will eventually receive rewards due to his superiority and the percentage of his participation in the challenges and find solutions to them.

Within an open world of exploration and play, children are invited to participate in educational and recreational activities that focus on six core skills: curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The future needs you. ” From there, it’s fun and training begins under the supervision of a group of specialized assistants.

Children are transported to a design lab that allows them to choose futuristic techniques and use their writing and drawing skills with light. In the Imagination Lab, children will learn about hundreds of celestial bodies that cover the walls of the laboratory. And in the construction laboratory, children are given the task of using their imagination to create and collaborate on building something futuristic.

Each child has a mission to explore new areas and activities, take up challenges and collect rewards through a “smart” bracelet.


Sections in the “Masters of the Future” experiments, namely: fantasy, design and construction laboratories.

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