The motives for Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Prince comments on photos of the meeting and hugs with King Salman and Mohammed bin Salman

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed released photos of the reception of Saudi King King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This came in a tweet by Prince Abdul Rahman on his Twitter page, where he pointed out that the visit comes from Erdogan’s belief in the importance of the kingdom, saying: “The Turkish president’s eagerness to visit Saudi Arabia and meet the king and his crown Prince, may God protect them, to consolidate relations between the two countries comes from his belief in the size and influence of Saudi Arabia in the world, and that he It is not possible for a large country like Turkey that does not have a distinguished relationship with the Qibla of the Muslims and the land of the Two Holy Mosques and the great economic power, welcome His Excellency. ”

Erdogan had said in a series of tweets from Saudi Arabia: “We visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the guardian of the two holy mosques. As two brother countries with historical, cultural and human relations, we make a tireless effort to strengthen all forms of political, military and economic relations and start a new era between us. “

He continued: “We reaffirm at every opportunity that we value the stability and security of our brothers in the Gulf region, just as we value our stability and security … We reaffirm that we oppose all forms of terrorism and we attaches great importance to cooperation with the countries of our region against terrorism. “

He added, “I am convinced that we will raise our relationship to a better level than they were before. Our visit, which comes in the days of the holy month of Ramadan, filled with mercy, forgiveness and kindness, will open the doors to a new era with the friendly and fraternal kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “

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