THE MONSTER OF LONDON CITY (1964) Reviews of Jack the Ripper Crime


The Monster of London City is a 1964 German crime-murder mystery film in which a modern Jack the Ripper recreates real-life murder.

Directed by Edwin Zbonek (The crazy executioners) from a manuscript written by Robert A. Stemmle [as R.A. Stemmle] (The crazy executioners; The Curse of the Hidden Vault; Doctor Mabuse’s terror; Admit it, dr. Corda) and Bryan Edgar Wallace (revised version). Produced by Artur Brauner.

The soundtrack was composed by Martin Böttcher (Dead sexy; College girl murders; Being with the blue hand; The Phantom of Soho; The black abbot).

The CCC Film production stars Hansjörg Felmy, Marianne Koch, Dietmar Schönherr, Hans Nielsen, Chariklia Baxevanos, Peer Schmidt, Fritz Tillmann, Walter Pfeil and Kurd Pieritz.

Full synopsis:
A series of murders of Jack the Ripper-style prostitutes take place in modern London, leaving Scotland Yard detectives confused. Coincidentally, a play about Jack the Ripper turns out to be very successful, even though an MP wants it shut down. The actor who plays Jack, Richard Sand (Hansjörg Felmy), is suspected of the murders in real life …

Our views:
Crime tends to be characterized by their bizarre, intricate plots and bizarre villains, so the Jack the Ripper killer in this one is pretty routine. Nevertheless, there are plenty of murders and red herrings, and director Edwin Zbonek creates some stylish sequences using shadows, amplified by Martin Böttcher’s jazzy score.

The comic relief, which is also a hallmark of many crime movies, is provided by a bubbly private detective and his female partner, and their unnecessary exploits contradict the ugliness hinted at elsewhere. More bizarre is an accelerated car chase that includes a short comic piece in which a young woman’s skirt is whipped off to reveal her stockings and lingerie!

Although it is not a classic, and the identity of the killer is somewhat telegraphed, most admirers of this kind of German crime thrillers will find The monster in London City worth a watch.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“The comic relief is annoying, but thankfully not overly intrusive. The acting is solid enough without reaching the great heights. The Jack the Ripper makeup is exaggerated, but adds to the weirdness (and a good crime story always has at least some weirdness). Edwin Zbonek does a competent job as a director. ” Reviews of cult films

“The Murders is very stylish, with Ripper chasing the ladies of the evening in dark street corners, sometimes using some very effective shadow shots. early 1960s … “DVD Drive-In

“Even with the silly comics, The monster in London City has enough to recommend – a fantastic free jazz score, a sexy female lead in the form of Koch, a cool Ripper-like modus operandi for the killer and even some completely free female nudity in one scene. ” DVD Talk

“… there are some good moments here, especially towards the end of the film. But the confusion and repetition of this one really started to wear on me; I got really tired of the boring police investigation (where they always take the time to to tell you that this new murder is like all the others) and the hilarious comic relief couple … “Amazing Movie Musings and Ramblings

“This is a nice movie. There’s really no problem with it, it’s just pretty predictable, and there’s nothing so remarkable about it. I liked the story, the acting was fine … And sometimes it’s nice to watch a movie that does not challenge you at all. ” Movies in boxes

… It’s a quite entertaining little film, where a lot happens in each scene, and its fast pace is greatly aided by the cast, who tackle their roles with manic zeal. While clearly a low-budget effort, the production values ​​are solid, and the exterior scenes sometimes manage to convey more atmosphere than you would expect with this kind of film. “Horror Incorporated Project

“The complexity of the mystery is not very gripping, and the final revelation is not so much of a shock, but it is a useful script with atmospheric photography and a skilled cast …” Mark David Welsh

“It draws as few blows as it can get away with the era in mind: not only does it refuse to shy away from this maniac slaughtering prostitutes, it goes so far as to dwell on the murder sequences. Zbonek artfully stages them in the middle of heavy fog and shadow, and avoids the eerie directly, while strongly suggesting it with close-ups of smooth razors and wide images of strangulation.Oh, the horror!

The monster in London City is more than a bit of a jerk. It also suffers from having too many useless side characters […] However, the film is not entirely without merit. There’s a lovely hunting scene in the foggy streets of London … ”The Video Vacuum


Cast and characters:
Hansjörg Felmy… Richard Sand
Marianne Koch… Ann Morlay
Dietmar Schönherr… Doctor Morely Greely
Hans Nielsen… Inspector Dorne
Chariklia Baxevanos… Betty Ball
Peer Schmidt… Teddy Flynn
Fritz Tillman … Sir George Edwards
Walter Arrow … Horrlick
Kurd Pieritz… Maylor
Elsa Wagner… Housewife Emily
Kai Fischer… Helen Capstick
Gudrun Schmidt… Evelyn Nichols
Adelheid Hinz… Maid Betsy
Christiane Schmidtmer… Girl with sunglasses
Albert Bessler… Man at the mental hospital
Gerda Blisse… Assistant
Manfred Grote … Detective

Recording locations:
CCC-Atelier, Spandau, Berlin, Germany (study)
London, England

Original title:
The monster in London City

German trailer:

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