The local lemonade stand is making a comeback after being stolen

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – You all know how to say.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. For ‘Say Say Clark’, that’s what she loves to do.

“It’s going to be a hot summer day and they need some lemonade. So they come to my lemonade stand, ”said Say Say.

She is a 7-year-old entrepreneur with a smile that is constantly glued to her face. She and her family sell lemonade at ‘Say Say’s Lemonade’ on the corner of Broadway and Jefferson Avenue.

When she first had the vision for this lemonade stand, her father, Jonathan Clark, knew right away that it had to be good.

“When it was my baby, I wanted to build her the best lemonade stand I could,” Clark said.

But Clark said it was a little too good a lemonade stand.

“It was so nice they stole it,” Clark said.

Say Say’s juice rack was stolen in 2021. Her father now and then decided it was time to go to work and rebuild it.

“I went to my old company and they donated me the windows and the skylight and sold me the siding. It just started with a pair of two fours and it continued from there,” Clark said.

He made Say Say for a brand new lemonade house and it was decorated. All he wanted was to make her smile.

“I just wanted her to be happy, and I wanted her to like it as much as she did before,” Clark said.

All this has a deeper meaning. Clark has a business right next to Say Say’s that he invested so much of his life in. The only thing he wants to teach her is how to take care of her money so she’s financially independent.

“In the end, I do not want to be here. I just want to know she’s good. It’s just the way my family raises us to be,” Clark said.

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