The jaw-dropping true story told in Netflix ‘Our Father

She also contacted local and national news media, but did not have any until she saw one evening Angela Ganote on Indianapolis’ Fox59 News. “Her“, Ballard remembered thinking.

Angela Ganote’s explosive investigation

Ganote proved to be the right choice because she immediately began investigating the group’s concerns about Cline. A May 2015 Fox59 report does not mention the doctor or any of the siblings, but describes how DNA test results confirmed that a woman from Indianapolis was one of at least eight half-siblings who had found each other using 23andMe, and that their mothers had all visited the same clinic.

Three of them told Fox59 that they had talked to the doctor in question and he had told them that each donor was a medical student and only had to donate to a total of three healthy pregnancies. The doctor had not been willing to provide medical histories or other information about the donors’ identities, siblings said.

Fox59 reported that after the news media reached out to the then state senator. Jim Merritt, one from the public prosecutor’s office finally made contact with siblings. Merritt, who retired in 2020, told Fox59 at the time that investigators proceeded cautiously because “there are a lot of problems at stake here. We do not know how many lives are at stake here and that is one of the problems. “

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