The increase in prices increased the value of purchase invoices

Consumers confirmed that there has been an increase in the value of their purchase invoices from various stores at rates that recently exceeded 30% due to the rise in commodity prices.

And they said in response to a poll by “Emirates Today”, through its pages on social networking sites, that included a question about whether they noticed an increase in the purchase bill from points of sale in the recent period, and how do they explain this? They have “really noticed an increase in the prices of a large number of commodities, especially food, and describe these increases as large and excessive, as well as a burden on low-income people,” noting that the price increase is escalating in places far from oversight.

Invoice value

One consumer said that “the value of the bill for his purchases from outlets was around 1500 dirhams a week, to now rise to 2000 dirhams, an increase of 33.3%.” At most with an increase of between 25 and 33%. “In their response to the survey, which received great interaction and broad participation, consumers confirmed that they are focusing on buying goods they really need, and pointed out that some goods whose prices did not rise significantly fell in size. They said that prices in all shops rose until the differences between the shops narrowed and there was a great convergence in prices, which required price discounts for some groups, such as “pensioners”, and the intervention of the relevant authorities to limit prices that did not fit with wages, especially in the private sector, which has not It has been rising for years.

Height factors

Consumers attributed the price increases to the absence of controls, the greed of some merchants and the exploitation of the war crisis between Russia and Ukraine to raise prices with exorbitant prices, in addition to the increase in rental value of stores with some owners noting that increases in shipping costs do not justify the large increases in commodity prices.

Other consumers also attributed the price increases to oil, commodity, shipping and transportation prices and the lack of food supplies due to the Russo-Ukrainian war, pointing out that the rise in commodity prices is a global phenomenon that includes all countries, not just the UAE.

reasonable heights

Additionally, a major business official, Hassan Rizk, said, “Merchants bear no responsibility for the price increase, considering the current price increases to be reasonable compared to many other countries.” He said, “The rise in prices is a global phenomenon that different countries are suffering from,” pointing out that stocks of many foods and consumer goods have reduced price rises so far. In the same context, a senior official in one of the big business, Masoud Anal, said that “the price increases are justified and have nothing to do with them as they come as a direct and logical result of global political tensions, high oil prices and a shortage of raw materials. ” He pointed out that there are expectations of further increases in the prices of some basic and non-essential commodities in the event of continued international political tensions and oil price increases.

He agreed with his counterpart that the operations of early storage and purchase before the month of Ramadan and the support of many goods so that their prices do not rise during the fasting month have limited the price increases of many goods so far.

• Storage and early shopping operations before the month of Ramadan. The price increases on many commodities have so far been limited.

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