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“The Greggs dough was at least safe!” Readers make fun of ‘UK’s most messy car’

Birmingham people have reacted with horror and humor to the condition of a car called “the most messy in the UK”. The car went viral after a picture of its cluttered interior was shared by shocked police.

The picture shows the front of a car buried under a mountain of food and beverage cartons. McDonalds, Greggs and Foster’s lager cans were all strewn across the seat and footwell.

Kent Police posted a picture of the vehicle they had left over on Twitter. They had stopped the driver for not having insurance, an MOT or road tax.

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They tweeted: “The strangely sweet wrapping or lost crispiness of our colleagues at the handover suddenly does not look so bad. The inside of a car stopped and was seized today for no insurance, no MOT and no tax proof.”

BirminghamLive readers had a mixed reaction to the messy car. Some had sympathy for the driver – at least said he had not thrown rubbish out the window, while others were disgusted. But many thought it was funny that the driver had taken the trouble to put a seat belt over his Greggs snack.

Andrea Smith commented: “It seems like they probably worked hard and grabbed some food when they could. But no excuses for not having the right paperwork.” While Terri-Ann Anderson said, “At least he did not throw it out the window.”

Paul Newell also praised the driver, saying, “Decent kind! They usually leave it in the supermarket parking lot.” and Len Joe agreed, commenting: “The big picture here is that this person is not a waste bug, so he should have a medal so as not to throw it out on the road.”

Others saw the funny side of the picture – they pointed out that the driver had taken the trouble to protect his Greggs snack. Laura Proctor said: “At least the steakhouse is protected in the event of a crash.” And Teesha Stephens said, “Love how Greggs is restrained … safety first, keep your loved ones safe!”

Reetta Karkkainen was disgusted by the condition of the car, who said: “It’s not a car. It’s a rubbish bin. Just as shaken was Bridget Jones, who said, ‘I wonder what the house is like if the car is like this …. “It’s just pure dirt … disgusting.”

The mess of the car was irrelevant to some people. Leanne Spikings said: “I think insurance, MOT and alcohol are relevant. Everything else is really irrelevant – many people have grim cars but are legal!” Kelly Shayler said: “Comes to something when the condition of a car is more important than it is legal.”

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