The global village … a journey of longing and nostalgia for the homelands

People usually differ in their inclinations, whims, and favorite destinations, and we rarely find one place where hearts and minds meet, without disagreement or hesitation. Each person has what he is looking for in the global village, the most important of these things is to fill the passion with longing and nostalgia for the homeland, where the countries of the world have gathered everything that separates and beautifies them in one place, offers a rich meal of entertainment, fun and excitement.

The current season was marked on all levels, after a difficult phase imposed by the Corona pandemic on the world, and it left a difficult psychological imprint on people as the visitor finds himself, as soon as he enters the village land, in a world of imagination, which includes wonders and oddities, and everything a person is looking for in the field of culture and entertainment. And fun and excitement, regardless of nationality or age, it was founded to deliver its message to all ages.

The global village used to break all records and compete in all challenges as the number of visitors never decreased, despite the current season coinciding with the global event, Expo 2020 Dubai, which also witnessed millions of visits as well as the ghost for fear of Corona infection, which owned many, was a major challenge, but the preventive measures imposed by the village strengthened the confidence of its visitors and gave them a journey filled with a sense of security.


The Global Village is considered as the most attractive destination for those looking for a unique experience of fun, whether from families or individuals of different nationalities, in addition to photography enthusiasts and content creators. In its current season, the village has managed to emphasize that Dubai was and will be a magnet for entertainment, culture and excitement locally, regionally and globally.

The Global Village has proven its capabilities and identity as a pioneering brand of Emirati origin and spirit, and has in an influential way helped strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading global destination for entertainment and tourism this year, celebrating its 50th anniversary. . and the golden anniversary of its union.

The current season of the village had special preparations, which started with adding more than 2500 square meters of corridors and streets, increased seating and many eateries with many additions and landmarks that will form wonderful photography stations for guests, and the village was keen to add more than On 15 new theater performances on the entertainment agenda, in addition to creating the first exciting show that includes water adventures in the region under the slogan “The Interesting Show Heroes of the Harbor.

The village also managed to provide a large portion of entertainment as it hosted some of the most prestigious tour shows in its history, including “Dangerous Pirates”, “Live Light Poles”, “Tallest Old Man”, “The Very Clean Show” , “The Car of Songs” and “Robo XXL”, “The Runaway Gift”, “Dueling Knights”, “Cool Bubble Bike”, “The Living Tree”, “The Clown Car”, “Fugitive Gingerbread”, “Lots of Pizza “,” Old Rocket “, Sleepwalking clowns on bikes.

As usual, Global Village managed to enrich the shopping and dining experiences for its visitors, in addition to the entertainment offerings it presented during the 26th season, which witnessed a collaboration with a group of the most important international brands, to present the first entertainment adventure destination for the character “Peter Rabbit” in the world, and the addition of a four-wheeled theater Dimensions for Ripley’s Museum experiences (believe it or not), and this season is one of the biggest in its history in terms of unique content and creative concepts on which we will build new successes and ensure greater growth in the future.

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