The Florida Atheist is using the state’s new law banning books to object to the Bible

A new law in Florida makes it easier for parents, residents and others to object to books and other school materials and seek to have them removed. It inspired an atheist in Sunshine State to send letters to 63 school districts requesting the removal of the Bible.

Chaz Stevens, a self-described “stunt activist,” protests the book’s depictions of rape, cannibalism, bestiality, and more.

“Is this the message we want to teach our children? If you rape a woman, the father must give you 50 pieces of silver?” he asked in one of the letters Patch Miami quoted.

“As the Bible casually refers (ie, Matthew 15:19) to topics such as murder, infidelity, sexual immorality, and fornication … do we really want to teach our youth about drunken orgies?” he added.

Stevens’ past activism has included raising a Festivus pole at the Florida Capitol and launching a petition to open various municipal meetings with a satanic appeal, unless lawmakers drop their opening prayers.

Last month, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law banning schools from using any book that is considered “pornographic” or “inappropriate for the grade and age group for which the material is used.” The law also allows parents and others to object to books and other material.

But Stevens is trying to use that law in ways that the conservative lawmakers who passed it almost certainly never intended.

“If they want to ban books, then the whole library should be at stake. My hope – and it’s a long shot – is that they will apply their own standards to themselves and ban the Bible,” Stevens told the Miami New Times.

He admits it’s an uphill battle.

“I do not have the votes,” Stevens told NPR. “My job is just to turn the hypocrisy against itself and let the bureaucrats eat each other for lunch.”

Stevens said on Twitter that he is working on a web-based app who would generate a PDF to help anyone send a letter to their school district requesting a Bible ban.

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