The Fire Ring is a lot more fun with a child, as this Twitch stream shows

Elden Ring is an amazing RPG in the open world that feels like an endless well of surprises. Whether it’s summoning giant glowing jellyfish or the simple joy of trotting around Torrent, the game offers rich opportunities for players to admire its world. It’s a marvel for any person to see, but seeing a child discover it for the first time feels like a special pleasure. Lately, to the delight of fans online, streamer Sizzsarz has been streaming Elden Ring along with a special guest: her daughter Evie.

Sizzsarz is a black streamer on Twitch. She first started streaming Elden Ring when it came out, and while she’s primarily streaming by herself, her daughter Evie will occasionally jump on her lap and join her. What they do together in Elden Ring varies; sometimes Evie runs around with Torrent, and other times Sizzsarz just shows her all the cool monsters in the game world.

Sizzsarz uses a green screen, so every time Evie comes by, it looks like she’s magically appearing behind a barrier. Evie has appeared on several streams, and on one stream she wore a glittering blue princess dress with a matching headband. During streams, Evie gives clever comments and sings sometimes. At one point, the mother-daughter duo explored Limgrave, and it started to rain, so Evie sang “Rain Rain Go Away.”

The best part is Evie’s facial expression. She has those giant, round eyes that express her fascination with the world. Recently, a clip of her where she saw the dragon Agheel was widely viewed on TikTok, which garnered over three million views. In it, Evie sits on her mother’s lap, with big eyes and crooked mouth, while she watches the dragon. They do not fight it, but see it from a distance, while Evie says, “Hehe, he wants to hunt!”

For a clip with a giant world of monsters, it’s definitely cute. For more of Evie’s adorable video game reactions, check out Sizzsarz’s Twitch channel or watch clips on TikTok.

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