The expanding ‘Destiny’ universe finds its Kevin Feige with Julia Nardin

Destiny 2 is currently in its fifth year of content, and the franchise is entering its eighth year as a whole. But soon the game will expand beyond this current limitation and become something even bigger. And it seems to have found its guide.

Julia Nardinwho has overseen the past few years of seasonal story content on Destiny 2’s narrative team, has been promoted to the new role of Destiny Universe Narrative Director, she announced on Twitter yesterday.

While I don’t know if the comparison is 100% accurate, it feels like Nardin has been tapped to be the Kevin Feige of the Destiny universe, where Feige is the president of Marvel Studios and the man who has overseen the MCU for a decade now. make sure the stories told in it are up to a certain standard and determine the overall narrative direction of where things are going.

It’s possible that Nardin will share at least some of that responsibility with previously promoted Destiny veterans Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith. But while the two may decide which projects to pursue, it seems that Nardin’s role will be focused on the narrative itself and the stories Destiny 2 and other games tell in an expanding Destiny universe.

And what is the expanding Destiny universe? A lot of things, several of which will be revealed pretty soon here, I imagine:

  • There is, of course, Destiny 2 itself, which remains the main Destiny IP. There are two more confirmed expansions in the Light and Dark Saga, Lightfall and The Final Shape, but it has been confirmed that there will be another saga within Destiny 2 after that that will need narrative shaping.
  • All evidence points to some sort of Destiny mobile game coming as part of Bungie’s partnership with Netease. Although it is not as story-heavy as the main game, it is natural that there will be a narrative component to it.
  • Bungie has been explicit in saying that they want Destiny to expand into multimedia. While this could be books or novels, movies or series, the most common thought and what the latest job postings and hires suggest is that a Destiny animated series could be the first thing we see from the game and the story told in a project like this could set the tone for all future multimedia projects.
  • In the past, it’s a reason why Bungie could develop other non-mainline games set in the Destiny universe, although we have no solid evidence of them either way. Still, if they exist, they need stories.

Nardin’s promotion has been met with praise from Bungie staff and fans alike, given the direction of the game’s narrative since she came on board. With her storytelling team, she has transformed the storytelling of Destiny’s seasons, giving them interconnected stories and building year-long narratives involving characters like Crow, Caiatl, and Savathun, and giving new depth to old favorites like Eris Morn and Zavala. While Destiny always has its issues, one thing that has consistently, dramatically improved over the past few years is its narrative and in-game storytelling, and Nardin is a big part of that. I can’t wait to see what she does with the larger universe in this role.

Now please, announce an anime already.

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