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The Elden Ring player hides in a bush for three hours to thwart a rune farmer

An Elden Ring player has spent three hours hiding in a bush to thwart a rune farmer.

To explain, AFK rune drift has become a bit of an issue in the game. To easily get runes, some players have opened their game to attackers, but tucked away in an inaccessible place. When the attackers either die or leave the game in frustration, the host receives runes.

But when Reddit user Teasnarker encountered a rune farmer, they decided to take revenge by trolling the troll.

“After four meaningless invasions, I had had enough,” they said. “I decided that this host would not get a single rune more from me. So when hunters showed up, I ran away and put on the veil of mimicry in a bush. And I hid there. The bush folded in and protected me.

“Eventually the hunters gave up and disconnected, but I could not disconnect, otherwise the host would get runes. So I chose to stay in the bush.

“It was three hours ago. Since then I’ve seen whole generations of hunters and attackers come and go, and through it all I’ve stayed in the bush. The bush is my home now. I can not get out. You can not make me coming out.”

This means that when the AFK rune farmer returns, they will not have as many runes bred because of Teasnarker hiding away and taking runes for themselves.

“I like it in here,” they said. “There are rocks and leaves, and sometimes an insect flies by to keep me company. If you invade an AFK farmer and have some time on your hands, I fully recommend doing this, but you should choose another bush. This is mine. ”

If you are so desperate, you can also buy runes on eBay, but I would not recommend it.

Meanwhile, as the Fire Ring thrives online, the PC servers for the Souls games remain offline for over 100 days after a security issue was discovered.

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