The dire state of Putin’s aging army was exposed in the ranks of new recruits

Humiliating photos show Putin's aging ?Dad's Army?

Humiliating pictures show Putin’s aging ‘father’s army’ (Image: Reuters/AFP)

Pictures from Russia shows the desperate measures Putin has been reduced to to recruit additional troops to fight in Ukraine.

The Russian leader recently announced that 300,000 additional soldiers are being called up to go out and fight in Ukraine.

But the latest images from Sevastopol, Crimea, show groups of men – many of whom appear to be well into their 50s and 60s and of questionable fitness – clutching their weapons as they prepare to go to the front line .

The advanced age of the new recruits has drawn comparisons from some to the classic BBC sitcom Dad’s Army, in which men too old to fight overseas in the Second World War were drafted in to defend the homeland instead.

Putin’s ‘partial mobilization’ of the armed forces caused mass panic in Russia when it was announced earlier this month, with thousands trying to flee the country or find loopholes to allow them to avoid military service.

Those who were recruited have since complained of substandard equipment and an almost complete lack of training as Moscow desperately seeks to rush the new bodies to the front lines to defend its territory against Ukraine’s swift counterattack.

Modern militaries tend to spend a minimum of ten weeks training new recruits. Russia, meanwhile, has said the conscripts will receive just two weeks of training before going to war.

And in a video posted to Telegram by legal group Perviy Otdel, a recently mobilized Russian soldier claims his unit will be sent into the war zone with even less training than that.

Russian conscripts drafted into Ukraine have complained of a complete lack of training and equipment (Image: Reuters)
Putin has been forced to call on older reservists in their 40s and 50s as Russian manpower runs out (Credit: REUTERS)
Video has emerged on social media of a Russian instructor telling troops to try their own medical supplies and use tampons on open wounds (Picture: Getty)
A Russian officer claims he was pulled from his holiday and has no idea about equipment, supplies or where his unit will be sent (Image: Reuters)

“We were officially told that there would be no training until we are sent to the war zone,” said the new recruit, dressed in a fresh military uniform.

“On September 29, we will be sent to Kherson,” he added. ‘The regimental commanders confirmed it.’

At the same time, further footage has surfaced on social media of a Russian officer telling new recruits what to expect when they reach the front line – and the results sound particularly grim.

“I’m saying right now, if you’re near the fire, you’re damned,” says the female instructor, before rattling off a list of items recruits must acquire themselves before entering the war zone.

‘Take sleeping bags with you, you sleep where you need to.’

When a soldier asks if they get anything else, the female officer replies: ‘All the army gives you is uniforms and armour. There is nothing else’.

Elsewhere in the video, she advises new recruits to assemble their own first aid kits.

“All of this applies to medicine as well,” she said.

‘Diarrhea tablets, hydrogen peroxide, tourniquets. I don’t have enough tourniquets for you.

‘Ask relatives to send. Take first aid kits to cars and take medical tourniquets from there.

‘Boys, don’t laugh: ask your wives, girls, mothers about pads. The cheapest pads and the cheapest tampons. Do you know what tampons are for?

“You stick it right into the gunshot wound and that’s it,” she added.

‘The tampon starts to swell and closes the wound. Guys, take care of yourselves if possible, please.’

One clip shows new soldiers being forced to sleep on the floor; and in another a commanding officer admits he was pulled from his vacation and has no idea about equipment, supplies, or where the unit will be sent.

The lack of training and low morale in the armed forces is likely to cost Russia thousands of lives, according to Ben Hodges, a former commander of the US Army in Europe.

“It is criminal to send untrained soldiers into battle… it is murder,” Hodges told the independent Russian publication The Moscow Times. “I doubt these men will survive very long.”

“The war will now increasingly be fought on the Russian side by people who don’t want to be there,” tweeted Rob Lee, a military analyst at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

The difference in morale, unit cohesion and other critical factors between Ukrainian and Russian units will grow even wider,” he said last week.

Elsewhere on the frontline, unconfirmed footage has seen Russian troops armed with rusty AK-47s as the technological gap between Kiev and Moscow continues to widen.

Earlier this week, a Russian officer was shot dead by a gunman at a recruitment station in Moscow who was enraged by the Kremlin’s conscription push.

After Putin’s mobilization speech last week, “how to break arms at home” and “how to leave the country” were the two most Googled phrases in Russia.

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