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The context behind Draymond Green’s viral Wolves Grizzlies quote

Draymond Green is always good for an enticing postgame quote, even if it is delivered through his podcast. But not every braggadocios quote he gives is made to speak slap.

After Game 4 of the Golden State Warriors’ second-round series, Green said on his podcast, “This is not the Minnesota Timberwolves. You’re not playing on that team anymore; this is championship-level basketball.”

His statement certainly sounds like a pretty sudden blow to not only the Memphis Grizzlies but also the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Although spicy, there is a sensible context that softens Green’s assessment. He actually referred to the Warriors’ dominant performance in Game 3 of their series against the Grizzlies, a 142-112 blowout, as opposed to how they played in Game 4, a 101-98 nail-biter.

What stood out most for Green during Game 3 was how Golden State maintained its lead even after Ja Morant got hot. “Yeah started going crazy and scoring every single game and I think he looked up like, ‘Wow, I’m starting to get crazy.’ He had a couple of the Ja layups that only Ja does. And he looked up and they were down 25. ” said Green.

From there, the Warriors star continued into the aforementioned “championship-level basketball quote” that a famous NBA merger account clipped into powerful social media graphics. Except that even the last part of Green’s quote is less controversial than it reads on the graphic: “It was great for us because it was to show them that this is not the Minnesota Timberwolves, you’re not playing on that team anymore “This is championship-level basketball, this is how we do it. It was beautiful to watch.”

To be clear, Green’s assessment is not exactly a compliment, even with the right context around it. The Timberwolves still come out as the team that gets offended. But this was not so much a slip up against Memphis as it was a way of telling about how the Warriors play with their actual championship lineage – something Minnesota objectively lacks in comparison.

This post-season, Green has given in-depth thoughts and reactions to his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show,” while giving much shorter answers to reporters during their assigned interviews after the game. The idea behind Green’s media decision was to have more control over his own narrative. It’s a question he clearly cares about; he used a post-game press conference to proclaim media integrity and told reporters he would not say much else because he was not “sure I can trust where my words will go from here.”

And now, ironically, a quote from the podcast media Green has hoped would lead to an end to out-of-context clippings instead resulting in an out-of-context graphic with over 6,400 likes on Twitter and lord knows how many impressions, with many fans in the responses , who thought Green took a bang on two teams.

Green may think his podcast gives him total control, but this whole episode suggests something else. Media aggregation is a business with wild predators waiting for someone to drop their guard and they will throw themselves over any opportunity for engagement that they can find.

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