The Boys Means Breaking Bad’s next spinoff idea is too good to ignore

They may be worlds apart in tone, theme and content, but The boys make another Breaking Bad spinoff far more likely. Vince Gilligan’s most impressive feat is not turning Breaking Bad for one of the most iconic and critically beloved television shows ever made, it does the trick a second time with Better call Saul. Of course, there is no shortage of conversation about whether a third series can happen. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould (Better call Saul co-creator) has denied that there are any immediate plans in place, but has not definitively ruled out a return to Breaking Bad‘s sandbox further down the line.


If another Breaking Bad spin off do happens, all signs point to a Gus Fring prequel. Not only has Giancarlo Esposito expressed interest in a solo series based on the chicken brother’s past, but Breaking Bad and Better call Saul both drop hints that allude to a part of Fring’s iceberg that the audience has yet to see. IN Breaking BadDon Eladio suggests that Fring was an important person before he arrived in New Mexico Better call Saul teases an old incident that brought Gus and Madrigal’s Peter Schuler together. Should Fring’s intended spin-off ever happen, there is certainly material ready to be mined.

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Probably the biggest obstacle for one Breaking Bad The Gus Fring spinoff is the casting. Giancarlo Esposito would of course be in, but 13 years after his debut episode, having him play Gus as a youngster is unrealistic. Another problem then arises: what budding actor could possibly play a young Gustavo Fring convincingly alongside Esposito? Strangely enough, The boys has stepped in to answer that question. The boys season 3 features flashbacks to the 1980s, when Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito’s character) was an up-and-coming executive. Young Edgar is portrayed by Justiin Davis, and his performance – brief as it may be – is both memorable and haunting. Davis nails Giancarlo Esposito’s mannerisms, his vocal inflections and his quiet villainy, exuding the same sinister aura of being in complete control of any given situation. ONE Breaking Bad The Gus Fring spinoff couldn’t find a more suitable actor than Justiin Davis to lead its prequel timeline.

Why Another Breaking Bad Spinoff Is Still A Big Risk

The boys‘ Justiin Davis brings hope that a Breaking Bad Gus Fring prequel could work. The younger actor would lead an earlier timeline, while Giancarlo Esposito stars in a closer narrative Breaking Bad and Better call Sauls era. And as mentioned above, the seeds for Fring’s solo breakout have already been planted. Nevertheless, it continues to expand Breaking Bad the mythos involves more risk than ever before. When Better call Saul was first announced as the following Breaking Bad, Jimmy McGill faced the unenviable task of not tarnishing a huge television legacy like so many other spinoffs before it. Because Better call Saul ended up being another roaring success, that legacy is now doubled, meaning any potential third series has even more to lose if it does not meet the same standard.

Another problem arises when you consider Better call Saul‘s final note – Jimmy McGill imprisoned after finally confronting his crimes. Not only does “Saul Gone” serve as a perfect ending for Jimmy and Kim, but last season’s credits from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul ensure that Walt and Jesse’s story gets the recognition it deserves. Better call Saul‘s finale represents a franchise bookend, like any third Breaking Bad series would have difficulty replicating.

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