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The BBC strikes a payment deal that it says is “fair to payers of license fees” deadline

The BBC has reached a wage agreement with its staff, with the majority receiving a wage increase of 4.2% in August, followed by 1% later in the year.

Under pressure after two years of minimal pay rises, the agreement will not apply to senior executives whose pay is subject to a different process.

The BBC described the move as “a fair deal for licensees and staff,” the BBC said the increase, which is well below the 7% inflation rate, has been made possible by “staff cuts and cost savings”. The BBC’s staff numbers fell by 1,200 last year.

Last year’s annual wage increase was 1%, and in 2020 there was a wage freeze across the BBC due to the impact of the pandemic, meaning the 4.2% increase is the biggest jump since 2019.

“We’d rather have fewer people pay closer to the broader media market,” the company said. “The BBC will never be able to live up to the salary levels of some of our competitors – and we should not expect that either – but we operate in a global market for talent, and without that talent there are no programs or content. ”

The BBC has also updated its approach to parental support, providing a consistent approach to maternity and paternity leave, along with providing support to carers and women experiencing menopause.

Director-General Tim Davie said: “The BBC is smaller, but we also need to attract and retain world-class talent within a reformed, modern and efficient organization that provides great value to the public.”

The company is set to save around £ 1.5 billion ($ 2 billion) over the next five years and will outline how it intends to do this later this month.

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