The Batman movie that split fans is going to be a surprising hit on Netflix

Matt Reeves’ Batman started a new era of Dark Knight tales earlier this year, one in which a grumpy Robert Pattinson punishes criminals night after night while completely abandoning the billionaire playboy persona that has long defined Bruce Wayne in pop culture. It’s definitely a different solution than a regular audience is used to seeing in cinemas. But this year’s film marks the beginning of just the latest era of Batman movies for Warner Bros.

Before Batman, which was Zack Snyder’s DCEU thanks to the Caped Crusader. IN Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBen Affleck’s Bat branded and killed criminals without hesitation, though he bled a little. Justice League. Who knows what Affleck will do in his last outing in Lightning (although sets of pictures give us a clue).

But even before WB embarked on its quest for cinematic universe glory similar to the one Marvel Studios enjoys, there were Christopher Nolans Dark Knight trilogy of movies. Starting with the 2005s Batman begins, the director set out to redefine what the audience knew about Batman on the big screen after the more silly Joel Schumacher films, giving the character a serious origin story, heavily inspired by DC comics, as well as a more grounded feel. Nolan leaned even more on realism to explore the morale behind Batman’s 2008 mission The Black Knightwhich to this day is largely considered one of the finest superhero movies ever made.

Then there is The dark rider rises, Nolan’s attempt at a Dickensian superhero epic inspired by the French Revolution and America’s war on terror. The director also put together three of the greatest and most complex comic book stories ever told – The Dark Knight returns, Knightfalland No man’s land – for his Batman trilogy further. The result of 165 minutes, where Bruce’s back is crushed and pulls him out of action in much of the film, while the ordinary citizens of Gotham are left to fend for themselves, after Bane’s terrorist group captures every single policeman in the city. in the sewer, proved to be somewhat divisive in 2012.

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