The Alabama authorities are looking for a detective and inmate who never reached court


Authorities in Lauderdale County, Alabama, are looking for an employee at the sheriff’s office and an inmate who disappeared on his way to the courthouse Friday around 1 p.m. 9.30.

Missing Corrections Assistant Director Vicki White broke the record as she escorted inmate Casey White from jail this morning for apparently leading him to the Lauderdale County Courthouse, said Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton. The inmate and the detective are not related.

Authorities said Casey White was detained on charges of capital murder and that two sworn deputies should have been with him at all times, including during the transport to court.

Vicki White coordinates all transports from the jail to the court and therefore knew the protocol, the sheriff added.

Singleton said that although Casey White was allegedly transported for a mental health evaluation in the courthouse, they have since learned that no such evaluation or other court hearing was scheduled for him by Friday.

“When I know the inmate, I think she’s in danger no matter the circumstances … He was in jail for manslaughter and he had nothing to lose,” Singleton said.

Authorities are now looking at all options for what happened, including if the correctional officer helped Casey White escape.

“Whether she has helped him or not, we do not know and we will not address it until we have absolute proof that that was what happened. We assume at this point that she was accepted against her will unless we can absolutely prove otherwise, “Singleton added.

Authorities said they are still seeking and investigating any interaction between the detective and Casey White, as well as any phone calls he had received.

When Vicki White escorted Casey White out of jail, she told the guard she would drop him off at court and then go to the doctor because she was not feeling well.

The sheriff said Casey White was never handed over in court and that Vicki White did not reach the point where she said she would seek medical attention.

Authorities did not realize they were missing until several hours later.

Her vehicle, a 2013 Ford Taurus patrol car, was first seen in a parking lot in a mall around 11 a.m. by someone who was on lunch break, Singleton said.

Around 3.30pm, the officers in the jail were worried and tried to reach her, but her phone kept going straight to the answering machine. They then realized that Casey White had not been returned to prison.

Vicki White has been in the department for 25 years and is eligible for retirement – which she has been talking about doing for the past few months, Singleton added.

“All precautions were in place. The question we have for Director White is why she violated the policy,” Singleton said.

Casey White is 6’9 “tall, is considered armed and dangerous. Vicki White” was armed with a 9mm pistol, which means we assume he is armed, “Singleton added.

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