Thailand: Drug mule stopped at the airport with 151 cocaine capsules in her stomach

The cocaine was intercepted at an airport in Thailand

Cocaine was intercepted at an airport in Thailand (Photo: Viral Press)

A drug mule with 151 cocaine capsules in her stomach was arrested at an airport in Thailand.

Immigration officers noticed the South African man, 29, behaving suspiciously, inspecting his luggage.

They did not find anything in his bags, but suspected that he might have swallowed the goods, so he was taken for an X-ray at Thalang Hospital.

Doctors were shocked when they found the capsules in his stomach, which allegedly weighed almost 2 kg and were worth 103,000 pounds.

He had flown from Ethiopia to Phuket International Airport on 9 June.

Customs Department spokesman Chaiyut Khamkun said: “We have been strict in intercepting these unwanted smugglers, especially since the country is once again opening up to travelers.”

The agency’s spokesman added that through their continuous efforts, they have already caught four drug smugglers in less than five days.

An x-ray shows cocaine capsules in the man's stomach

An X-ray shows cocaine capsules in the man’s stomach (Image: Viral Press)

He had ingested 151 capsules worth £ 100,000

He had ingested 151 capsules worth £ 100,000 (Image: ViralPress)

He said: ‘Four foreigners have been captured in five days from 9 to 13 June. The first was at Phuket Airport, while the second group was captured in Bangkok. ‘

On June 13, three more travelers from Brazil were caught hiding cocaine in their bags weighing 15.7 kg.

It had an estimated sales value of almost £ 1.1 million. The bags were allegedly fitted with secret pockets where the drugs were stored.

The suspected drug dealers were remanded in custody during the investigation.

Thailand suffered a major economic downturn due to the pandemic, but its tourism industry has shown signs of recovery after reopening its doors to foreign visitors.

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