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Supportive mission to expand access to 4G coverage and precision farming technologies with a portfolio of products and services that enable agricultural applications.

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a strategic partnership with the ConectarAGRO Association, a Brazilian nonprofit organization that is revolutionizing the way agricultural lands connect to the world by promoting and enabling access to 4G mobile Internet nationwide .

As an industry expert in mobile connectivity solutions, Telit will work closely with members of the solution’s ecosystem to develop IoT devices for multiple agro segments. In addition to a strong portfolio of products and services for agricultural applications, Telit will offer support, from idea to design, as well as testing, certifications and implementation.

Lack of internet signal is one of the biggest challenges for farmers in Brazil. In a webinar hosted by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), it was found that only 23% of the Brazilian agricultural area has a certain level of connection. The webinar also covered the importance of digital sciences in contributing to productivity improvement and recommended taking a comprehensive look at digital platforms and the digital delivery of services.

“The increasing use of 4G in rural areas will be crucial for production along with the adoption of smart farming techniques and technologies,” said Gregory Riordan, President, ConectarAGRO.

“Through integrated technologies from members such as Telit, manufacturers will be able to easily communicate with customers and suppliers from the field, as well as process and monitor field data, all of which will save time and increase productivity. As we advance our mission, our goal is to ensure that every producer can achieve greater development by taking advantage of the most up-to-date technological and digital resources available today in Agriculture 4.0. “

Andy Castonguay, Vice President of Strategic Intelligence at James Brehm & Associates, said:

“With significant investment and technological innovation in recent years, agriculture is one of the most exciting IoT sectors on the market right now.”

“Telit’s comprehensive portfolio of modules, data plans and platform capabilities provides agricultural producers and solution providers with the crucial connectivity, data and management tools they need to deliver IoT applications such as crop / livestock monitoring, water / irrigation management, compliance law for land to table and precision agriculture. “

According to CNH Industrial, one of the founders of ConectarAGRO, in 2019 alone, the association expanded the connection to more than 5.1 million hectares of rural areas in Brazil via 4G LTE 700 MHz broadband. This coverage helped more than 575,000 people, 218 cities and eight states as well as more than 24,000 kilometers of roads in an area larger than the size of Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland combined.

“The ConectarAGRO Association’s charter is to bring available connectivity to producers throughout Brazil, and we joined in helping to transform farming,” said Fernando Guerra, regional sales director for Latin America, Telit.

“Agricultural IoT application developers and system integrators have a unique opportunity to build interconnected agricultural solutions that can lead to improved yields, reduced costs and a well-nourished world. Telit sensors, smart gateways, modules and monitoring systems that collect and analyze information will help to connect and inform decisions that drive improvement, even in adverse circumstances. “

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