Take-Two Ditches Outriders developer’s latest action adventure

An amazingly large monster leaps out of the water in Outriders.

Screenshot: People can fly

Developer People Can Fly has just received another blow of bad news. After learning that earlier this year the studio didn’t see a penny of profit Outriders during 2021, it has now been revealed that Rockstar and 2K Games’ parent company Take-Two have made it clear that they intend to abandon publishing PCF’s follow-up game, currently known as Project Dagger.

In a statement posted on its website, People Can Fly announced that it “has received from Take-Two Interactive a letter of intent to terminate the development and publishing agreement by mutual understanding between the two parties.” Referring to Project Dagger, its next action adventure two years into development, it goes on to describe a potentially messy situation, with the two parties now negotiating how Take-Two will recoup its investment. However, PCF states that this will “strengthen” plans for self-publishing.

PCF is a developer that has worked with a wide range of publishers. Its 2011 hit, Bulletstormfirst arrived via EA (then re-released in 2017 by Gearbox), while last year’s Outriders was published by Square Enix. The company, with studios in Poland, UK, US and Canada, also has another game in development with Square Enix, and two more self-published unannounced games, plus two more VR projects on top of that! Project Dagger is led by the developer’s New York-based arm, and PCF has made clear its intentions to now add it to its own release plans.

This is possible, the statement explains, because Take-Two “has not declared its intention to exercise its option to buy out the intellectual property rights to the project,” which is good news for PCF, but may also demonstrate Take-Two’s lack of potential confidence in the game.

We’ve reached out to both Take-Two and People Can Fly to ask for further details, and we’ll update this article if either responds.

PCF maintain that their relationship with Take-Two is still good and state that they would like to publish with them again. “I assume we will part ways on good terms,” ​​says PCF CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski. “I see no reason why we couldn’t work with Take-Two on another project in the future.” He also reaffirms his confidence in Project Dagger, which he says is “still in pre-production,” with the team “focusing on closing combat and gameplay loops and migrating [sic] from UE4 to UE5.”

The statement concludes by providing estimated financials for the first half of 2022 with revenue of PLN 90.6 million ($18.3 million) and net profit of PLN 25.5 million ($5.2 million).

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