Superman movie leak reveals a historic change for DC’s Man of Steel

Comic book fans was surprised last year when it was announced that Warner Bros. developed a new Superman movie written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and produced by JJ Abrams. The film is not expected to star Henry Cavill as Man of Steel, but will instead focus on a new version of Superman, with early reports suggesting that Coates, Abrams and Warner Bros. sought to cast a black actor as the character.

Over the past year, however, DC Comics fans have received very few updates about the project, which has led some fans to believe that it may have stalled or been abandoned. Now, a new DC leak suggests not only that the film is still going on, but that it will present the audience with a very different version of Man of Steel than they have come to expect.

Leakage – In a recent Twitter thread, user @ GeoPanda24 tweeted a number of details that they claim to know about the Abrams-produced Superman reboot. According to the thread, the film will take place in the present and will use Superman’s “foreign heritage as a parallel to racism.” The film will apparently portray Superman as a “master of the oppressed.”

In addition, the film is said to focus on a much weaker version of Superman than the audience is used to seeing, one who does not have heat vision, frostbite or X-ray vision, and who can not fly. Coates’ screenplay for the film is currently said to be 165 pages long and uses the “golden age version” of Ultra-Humanite as its primary villain.

Warner Bros. apparently sees the film as a possible “price challenger” in the same way as 2019’s Joker, rather than as a standard cartoon action movie.

The future does not look good for Henry Cavill’s Superman.Warner Bros. Pictures

A golden age superman – Assuming these leaked details are accurate, that means Warner’s new Superman movie will be unique in ways comic book fans probably won’t come. Not only does this leak suggest that the film will introduce viewers to a new version of Superman, but he will be one that is very different from the almighty incubator Henry Cavill played in Zack Snyder’s DCEU film.

It is impossible to say what that means for Henry Cavill’s future as a character. In the Twitter thread, it is said that Warner Bros. plans to apply a color-blind approach when beginning the casting process. Other characters in Coates’ script are, however said to be written with specific backgrounds in mind.

No matter who ends up being cast, these details all suggest that the film will tell a very different story than any of Warner Bros. ‘ previous Superman movies have. Depending on how you feel about the project, it’s either an incredibly exciting or annoying view.

Kal-El forces himself to fly higher in Superman Unchained bind. 1 # 5. Published in 2014.DC Comics

That Vise versa Analysis – As is always the case with leaks like these, be sure to take these claims with a whole salt shaker. Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed much about the project, and it seems likely that fans will probably have to wait a while before finding out more about its history, characters, and cast.

All this leak definitely does is give fans an idea of ​​how Warner’s new version of Man of Steel could end up being different from previous iterations of the character, but that’s exciting enough for now.

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