Superman & Lois’ took a massive shot at Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel

The following are spoilers for Earth-Prime # 2 that are for sale now from DC Comics.

In Zack Snyder’s DC movie verse, one of the director’s most controversial moments came with his Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) giving bad advice to young Clark. It was Man of Steel’s biggest mistake depicting a father who desperately wants to keep Clark’s powers secret in Smallville. The moment unfolded when Jonathan admitted that Clark might have let a child drown when their bus crashed into a river.

He knew it was cold, but he did not want Clark to risk the truth about his Kryptonic legacy. Snyder tried to make Jonathan more human in this scene, but fans and critics panned this as proof that the director did not understand the heart of Kent. It got even worse later, when Clark became a superman who did not realize he was throwing Metropolis in battle against Zod. Since then, many DC cartoons, shows and movies have tried to create a warmer superhero approach, and ironically, Earth-Prime # 2 took a big shot at what Snyder did.

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It happened in “Father’s Day” (from Jai Jamison, Adam Mallinger, Andrew N. Wong, Tom Grummett, Norm Rapmund, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano) as Clark refreshed his past with Jonathan and how his father inspired him to greatness.

While walking the Smallville streets in this prequel to the CW’s Superman and Lois, a bus nearly hit a child. Clark used his super-speed to hurry the child and ride to safety, only to nervously start apologizing to his father. However, Johnathan brushed it off, making it clear that Clark had no choice. In fact, he asked if Clark was really willing to let a child die to protect his secret.

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It’s the kind of altruism that other Pa Kents before Snyder’s version showed, which actively encouraged Clark to be a hero. Of course, they were worried and urged caution, but they never told Clark to let the innocent die. And here Pa Kent used this as a catalyst to infuse even more light into his son. Clark then remembered how he looked All the President’s men with his father showed him the power of journalism, whether it took down politicians or ordinary burglars. Unfortunately, Pa Kent died before the TV show started, leaving Clark wanting to be alive to see more of Man of Steel on the Daily Planet, as well as his first solo byline.

Still, he sensed his father looking down on him, which once again added a nuance to their relationship. It made the duo feel more healthy and spiritually connected, as Clark did exactly what his father always wanted – to save lives. It is far from what the DC Extended Universe shaped, which felt soulless under Snyder. The fact that the CW moved away from this is also the reason why Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal is considered gold.

Fortunately, Snyder’s Superman, played by Henry Cavill, would wiser up and turn more towards the light, similar to this cartoon. It helped wash away the bitter, selfish person that Pa Kent was trying to shape, but by that time, Snyder’s take had already left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. So much so, Warner Bros. ‘ new bosses saw that spin on Superman as a failed potential, leaving the studio to consider the next steps to create a more cheerful Kal-El, with or without Cavill.

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