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Sunmi denies allegations by journalists of misleading them at the airport

Article: Singer Sunmi sends a clarification on Instagram after being accused of ‘lying’

Source: Fast View Korea via Instagram

Journalists accused Sunmi’s representatives of deliberately lying about the gate she would arrive at, but Sunmi clarified that she had a personal schedule with the family and that there must have been a misunderstanding with the communication.

1. [+1,647] It should not even be necessary for her to have to clarify these things .. maybe she just did not feel comfortable having journalists waiting for her

2. [+1,523] But was it necessary for the journalists to follow her there? Are they the ones who have chosen to wait for her and they are making this fuss?

3. [+1,020] The journalists were there to see twice at the airport and thought they would get a freebie with Sunmi who also came in, so they forced themselves in, while Sunmi’s representatives probably just wanted her out of there as soon as possible. Journalists should not expect to be above the law ㅋㅋ

4. [+689] Since when did celebrities have to take care of journalists anyway? Journalists are so used to getting their will that they think it’s theirs right now

5. [+519] Who cares about these journalists ㅋㅋ

6. [+177] Why should she apologize for this? If anything, it should be the journalists who apologize. Celebrities have the right to privacy, you know.

7. [+437] It should be the journalists who are pointed out as strange for taking pictures of her when she is on a personal schedule. There is no law that says top stars should always greet journalists with a bright smile, fully clothed and ready. The journalists are the ones who crossed the line in this case, I do not understand why it is Sunmi who gets hate and why she has to clarify the situation for everyone.

8. [+193] Journalists always behave as if they feel entitled to all …

9. [+246] It is not necessary for her to clarify …

10. [+5] I mean, so what if Sunmi’s representatives lied to get them off her trail? It’s not like she’s coming home from a business plan ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+8] She was on her way home from a personal journey, there was no need for journalists to photograph her anyway …

12. [+52] And that’s why journalists get such a bad line … tsp

13. [+13] These journalists are no different from stalkers. They chose to follow her to photograph her, and just because she did not react the way they wanted her to, they blame her for it.

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