Summer vacation..a station for students to improve their skills and invest their energy

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With the arrival of summer holidays for students, the importance of investing their precious time in upgrading their skills, developing their talents, investing their energy and fighting waste of time, especially as this is the approach and vision of the wise UAE management, and we remember here the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, may God protect him: “Organize your time, know your priorities, enjoy your life and leave an imprint on you”, which represents a clear and unambiguous message about the importance of investing time in the right way for the benefit of the individual and its society.

This was confirmed by educators, specialized elites and students, who regarded the summer holidays as a station to arm themselves with skills, raising the slogan “No time wasting”, noting that investing in it is a shared responsibility between the families and those affected institutions.

They pointed out that the period of up to about 60 days is an important space to provide some knowledge and develop and improve talents, which helps to improve students’ performance and build character, as the family depends on the family eliminating coincidences and confusion, as some practice during the summer holidays and work to develop and take care of children’s trends by making plans and preset programs.

They also called for the need to take into account the aspect of comfort after the hassle of a full academic year and invest some of it in entertainment and enjoy visiting tourist and recreational attractions in the country, such as going to the Al Fahidi district, a of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai, which provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the ancient cultural heritage, the Museum of the Future and other opportunities. Students can also invest their time in interesting educational activities and events offered by some relevant clubs and institutions.
They reported that the role of parents is essential and require them to plan well for the holidays and encourage children to attend summer activity centers working to develop their culture and teach them the spirit of mutual cooperation in ways that enrich their skills. an enjoyable way.


Dr. Issa Al Bastaki, chairman of the board of the Emirates Science Club, said the club plays a fundamental role in creating an important platform for students to take up their leisure time during the summer holidays, which last almost two months, and to work to highlight and develop their skills in innovative and productive skills, indicating that they are in the club and to achieve these goals. They place great emphasis on training workshops and seasonal courses, as the percentage of these programs accounted for 71% of the club’s total activities for 2019, and 58% for the year 2020, while it increased to 78% for the year 2021.

He pointed out that the summer period is important because it is the most important outlet for students in particular, and for family members in general, and stressed the need to protect young people from falling into the trap of emptiness and the negative behaviors that can follow, and instead work to develop their scientific, social, physical and intellectual skills, which help them to discover their talents and abilities, and to know their scientific and professional desires, to facilitate their identification in the future as a specialization, and this contributes to the shortening of study time at the university.


Dr. Abdullah Al Musharrakh, chair of the Emirates Scout Association’s Strategy and Pioneer Committee, said: “The authorities concerned must play an active role in investing the long leisure time and transforming it into a production capacity that benefits youth and society.”
He spoke of the Scout Movement as the largest youth movement in the world with more than 59 million young men and women around the world under its umbrella, citing its efforts to empower 100 million young people and equip them with the skills to be active individuals in able to have a positive effect.

He stated that in accordance with their vision and strategic plans, they seek to achieve this lofty goal by offering many activities and events that the association would like to present to its members. The needs of young people and young people, in which the programs and activities vary, including physical, cultural, social, intellectual and technological activities, all of which are wrapped in scout skills and art that enhance the young man’s abilities and experiences.

Dr. Ayman Fahmy, the sports specialist, stressed the need not to waste time during the holidays and to draw up plans so that children can end the cycle by being up late and sleeping without participating in any activities of interest, and pointing out the importance of enrolling students in sports , cultural and scientific clubs to hone their skills and develop and improve their knowledge.

He said: Parents need to realize the role they have been entrusted with and emphasize the point of integration between school, home and the relevant institutions in order to invest and develop capacity.


Khaled Al-Saadi, chair of the Youth and Youth Programs Committee of the Emirates Scout Association, said the long holidays represent a season in which youth organizations of all kinds are active as they are eager to deliver programs and activities that help invest. the energy of young people and lead them to what benefits them and serves society in general, and emphasizes the zeal of the Emirates Scouts to prepare young people and young people, an integrated preparation in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership in the need to take care of children in the various age groups, especially in the younger age groups, and give them the expertise and knowledge that qualifies them to be the leaders of tomorrow, and the building and progress of the state that believes in the youthful energies and that with all aspects of support and assistance.

Zainab Majed, Head of the Arabic Language Department at GEMS Al Barsha National School, confirmed that the summer holidays are a golden opportunity for the student to develop his skills and refine his talents, such as practicing his favorite sport, learning a new language, engaging in learn new technologies in different magazines, or to learn some Quranic suras by heart To meet with family and friends and to strengthen social relationships as the student is busy with the study, we see that he neglects the family aspect and here they should be encouraged to communicate with their families inside and outside the country and connect the womb, point out the role of the holiday in renewing the activity, vitality and energy of the student to continue his educational journey to return for more enthusiastic and clear to the next year And she instructed the students to advise them to visit the tourist and historical places because they enrich the student intellectually and give him energy physically, emphasizing the importance of good planning of time to spend a meaningful vacation.


Mohammed Abdullah Al Reda, chair of the Emirates Scouts Association’s Injury Protection Committee, explained that effective investment of leisure time is one of their goals that they seek to achieve in Emirates Scouts, by creating a safe environment for engaging in scout activities, especially during the holiday season, when the need to offer activities increases. And programs that help invest in leisure time, be safe, with reference to the integrated program they provide on protection against harm to which young people and young people may be exposed, while participating in various activities and events, and how to act in case of any kind of injury, whether in the real or virtual environment A boy or young man attached to a scout acquires traits and abilities that enable him to manage his life affairs and influence those around him positively through the activities and the efforts of its executives and affiliates.

He added that in each of the six state commissions (Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Dubai – Sharjah – Fujairah – Ras Al Khaimah) one finds a summer camp that offers a range of activities, including activities that help strengthen loyalty and belonging and educating children about the value of the fatherland and the importance of preserving it, in addition to sports activities that attract a broad base of young people, as well as activities related to the environment and how to preserve it, in addition to activities related to reading, emphasizes that time provides an integrated scout program in the various commissions, confirming that despite the diversity of youth movements in the world and the diversity of their goals and programs, it is still the scout movement is the integrated educational movement that takes a unique and distinct method of achieving its philosophy and principles.


Rasha Al-Shoura, Head of the Department of Islamic Studies at GEMS Metropole School, said I encourage students to invest their time properly and spend time learning something new during the summer holidays. Al-Shoura added: Students can visit new places with their families, such as the Museum of the Future, which is a edifice of knowledge and civilization and the largest scientific and intellectual platform to predict the future and contribute to the development of innovative solutions with new tools for current and future challenges. Students can also visit the entertainment complexes of Dubai, which is the largest in the world, as it is a great opportunity to witness a group of superheroes and enjoy watching their amazing adventures.


Maryam Al Balushi, a 12th grader, drew attention to sports and hobbies at the forefront of students’ vacation plans.

She said: “The perseverance and vision that foresees the future is the real extension of any diligence in his pursuit of excellence and success.” The Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him who motivates me to determination and determination to make progress in achieving my dreams.


Khalifa Al Zaabi, a seventh grader, said: Summer vacation is one of my favorite vacations. It’s a great opportunity to go out and discover new things, and I make sure to spend more time with family and friends. Khalifa pointed out that the holiday is an opportunity for me to get away from the daily study routine in addition to staying away from electronic games and spending long hours surfing the phone and iPad in my free time, as it usually does during the school year, e.g. For example, I am attracted to know the basics of sustainable development and conservation of water and energy, so I am always looking for new places where I can enrich my knowledge and revive my passion in this regard, and I remember my visits to the Expo- period and what I learned from him as output about the importance of caring for our planet and conserving its resources. As for Hessa Al Muhairi, an eleventh grade student, summer vacation is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with her family, visit her family members, and do a variety of leisure activities.


Dr. Issa Al Bastaki, chairman of the board of the Emirates Science Club, stated that the club has developed a flexible day plan and a flexible program for the current summer holidays, starting from eleven in the morning to eight in the evening, including programs covering scientific and training aspects through training workshops conducted during the day to provide a welcome space for participation in the workshops to suit their preferences, in addition to providing the capacity to help them achieve the plan and achieve the desired goals, adding that the club also offers scientific and technological programs in a simplified manner throughout the year and summer vacation periods where the club raises the slogan “No time for leisure.”


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