Summer crops grow by 7%

The sowing area under summer crops, which is 7.2 percent higher than the level a year ago on April 29, will be helped by pre-monsoon rainfall in the past month as the rainfall deficit has narrowed. In addition, a better placement of water levels in reservoirs will also help farmers maintain crops this summer.

The area under summer or zaid crops, cultivated after rabi harvest and before kharif sowing, has increased to 69.76 lakh hectares (lh) from 65.07 lh a year ago. The lead was also 7 percent as of April 22nd.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), precipitation in the first two months of the pre-monsoon season was 32 percent lower than the long-term average (LPA) of 69.7 mm, while the deficit was as high as 86 percent in the northwestern region and 71 percent in the central India. The southern region has received 21 per cent above normal rainfall and the east and north-east India 3 per cent more than average. The Pan-Indian rainfall deficit was 72 percent during the 1st-30th. March.

On the other hand, water levels in 113 reservoirs with irrigation systems reported water levels of 41 percent of their total capacity of 129.76 billion cubic meters (BCM) on April 28, compared to 36 percent a year ago and 29 percent considered normal during this time.

According to data released by the EU Ministry of Agriculture, the area under legumes has reported an increase of 40.4 percent to 19.15 lh – primarily thanks to a significant increase in the coverage of lunar crops. Planting in moong was 15.11 lh per. April 29 against 11 lh in the corresponding period a year ago.

The pods in major growing states include Madhya Pradesh (8.24 lh), Odisha (2.61 lh), Tamil Nadu (1.95 lh), Bihar (1.54 lh), Uttar Pradesh (1.52 lh), Gujarat (0.96 lh), West Bengal (0.83 lh), Andhra Pradesh (0.35 lh) and Chhattisgarh (0.35 lh).

Rice planting, on the other hand, fell 5 percent at 29.14 lh (30.73 lh). The total area under oilseeds is marginally higher at 10.82 lh from 10.46 lh. But coarse grain is only 41,000 acres higher to reach 10.65 lh so far. Among the coarse grain varieties, the maize area increases by 4 per cent at 6.38 lh from 6.63 lh in the period the year before.

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April 30, 2022

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