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Suitcase City (2022) Pilot Review

Suitcase City still

The pilot off Suitcase Citya concept created by Keith Sutliff, has just the right amount of mystery the first episode of a good show should have. You have to reveal something, and still keep you within the right bounds of intrigue that will keep viewers on edge edge after episode. You do not know what the hell is going on, even though it is explained over and over again, and the expression on the protagonist’s face says it all.

Suitcase City also feels like a good short film. Someone who keeps the promise of an action thriller without necessarily showing anything. The unveiled premise is the reason Suitcase City could be a worthy show. No matter what happens, the drama of power in the first episode will always come back.

It stars Sutliff as Mason, a former officer who now leads a militia of former officers trying to regain control of a city. The city was formerly civilized. It is now in the control of gangs and radicals who have nuclear weapons every single resource and only this source is left.

Mason organizes something. We do not know what it is and hints are not enough to come up with an answer. We see him walking on the country road (on his DeLorean, nice freaking touch) and he goes to a place related to his past. Again, not much is explained. The mystery of his past (and his boundaries) drifts away with the smoke from his burning cigarettes. Mason is a riddle, and Suitcase City tells its story.

At least I think so.

Every pilot is an experiment, but they do not all feel like it. This certainly does not. It’s beautifully shot and the sound design is amazing (more on that below). You can feel that Sutliff has thrown every resource at hand for this project. It shows the efforts of a filmmaker who knows exactly what to do when you have striking images, but also a cool promising story to tell. Again, Suitcase City is the short version of something bigger. A proof of concept that hits the right spot.

Especially the score of Spain’s prolific composer Federico Vaona feels like a solid addition to the show. There is a huge amount of his works that make us feel part of this desolate landscape. Reminiscent of Zimmer’s work in Blade Runner 2049Vaona’s score increases the match.

Like that. Suitcase City let’s take a look at something interesting and not much more than that. It does not even attempt to show any action and remains like a slow burning introduction to something we have not seen before. However, there is no reason for that. Mason is interesting enough as a lead to make us hold and expect a good delivery. Whether that happens or not, time will tell. I just expect the amazing car to reappear and would love to hear more about Vaona’s score.

Note: New action-thriller series Suitcase City premieres on select streaming services and VOD this spring. Release date to be announced soon.

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