Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” tour is sold out, but STAYs claim that hardly any fans got tickets

Tickets for Wandering children‘Second World Tour fell on Friday and fans quickly tried to get tickets before they sold out. The organizers of the event even added new dates due to high demand. But not all fans are happy.

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US-based fans were thrilled when Stray Kids announced the North American stops for their world tour, Stray Kids 2nd World Tour ‘MANIAC’. They expected sales for the original dates on April 22nd.

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The shows quickly sold out, and due to demand, organizers released additional dates for Newark and Los Angeles, which will go on sale on April 25 at. 15 local time.

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But fans say the first ticket sale was not fair.

Everyone who has used Ticketmaster Buying tickets is probably familiar with the dreaded queue. This system is Ticketmaster’s way of beating bots.

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The idea is that the system acts as a virtual line. A buyer will join the waiting room ten minutes before the sale and will then be queued at random so that any fan can get a fair chance at tickets.

Ticketmaster states, however, that the queue is not a guarantee.

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As before, tickets are always based on availability, demand and are not guaranteed.

Along with the ticket system, which was confusing for some, fans were already worried about the ticket prices. Live Nation first announced them the day before the sale. Although many fans were happy with the seemingly reasonable price range: $ 49.50 to $ 179.50 USD.

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Along with the prices, the Live Nation announced the VIP package, and although they first announced the prices at the time of the sale, most fans were happy with what the price ended up being: $ 320 USD. This package included a PL 1 seat, access to sound check and more.

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But when tickets were finally put up for sale, fans noticed that they were sold out very quickly. Some never even had a chance to make it through the queue.

However, those who had the opportunity to try to buy tickets noted that not all the tickets were listed at the previously stated prices.

Instead, they were listed under Ticketmaster’s Official Platinum label. These “premium tickets” is said to give fans fair access “to some of the best seats in the house.”

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Official Platinum seats are premium tickets for concerts and other events provided by artists and event organizers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.

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Although they are meant to give fans fair access, some fans claim that selling these tickets is unfair.

Other fans were confused when they discovered these fares and assumed they were being resold, but this was not the case. Instead, use Ticketmaster “market-based pricing” for popular events. They are not resale tickets.

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No. Official Platinum Seats were not originally purchased and then resold; they are sold for the first time through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster’s official Platinum seating program enables market-based pricing (tailoring to supply and demand) for tickets to live events, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and secure access to the best tickets, while allowing artists and other people involved in holding live events to price tickets closer to the true market value.

Some fans have a problem with the language used to describe these seats. Ticketmaster says these tickets are a chance to give “the most passionate fans” a chance for the best tickets, but with such an outrageous price increase, fans are wondering why passion should be associated with the amount of money one has to spend on tickets.

But the problem with fans getting tickets for the tour does not end with Ticketmaster. Only a few hours after the first sale, resale tickets became available.

Oakland Tickets Available | Ticketmaster

The blue dots are what’s left of Ticketmaster’s Official Platinum seats, but the pink dots are all tickets resold. Some venues have more of these tickets than others.

Newark Tickets Available | Ticketmaster

These are also sold at highly marked prices.

Even the originally cheapest tickets ($ 49.50 USD) are sold for around $ 400 USD in some venues.

Cheapest Seats In Fort Worth | Ticketmaster

And the highest retailer prices for the best tickets are in the range of $ 2000 USD and above. These tickets were originally $ 179.50 or $ 320 USD for VIP.

Best Seats in Seattle | Ticketmaster

Outraged fans wonder if a pre-sale code could have prevented this.

The majority of the tickets resold are apparently from people who have only bought the tickets for the purpose of reselling and making money.

What is more unfair is the VIP benefits that can be lost. Normally, the original purchaser must be present with a valid ID to claim these benefits.

According to Ticketmaster Fan Support, anyone who buys these tickets must have the buyer’s order number, the last 4 digits on the purchase card and a copy of their photo ID to receive benefits. Soundcheck could potentially have fewer people than intended, which would be unfortunate.

Many fans encourage other STAYs to reconsider before buying tickets at high prices from dealers.

Instead, they have a few strategies in mind. Since official platinum pricing is dynamic, prices should eventually fall.

The same goes for dealer tickets. Theoretically, if no one buys the high-priced tickets, dealers will be forced to lower the price.

Additionally, some desperate STAYs are urging fans to contact JYP Entertainment and Records of the Republic to try to solve the problem.

Some fans claim that Stray Kids will perform for empty rows unless something is done.

While it’s unclear the best path to take, this issue will hopefully be resolved and deserved fans will be able to watch Stray Kids perform. Both STAYs and Stray Kids deserve it.

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