Stephen Root has signed countless staplers thanks to Office Space – The Hollywood Reporter

Without fail, there is a box of staplers that Stephen Root can log on to in every movie and TV project he makes thanks to his iconic Office space character, Milton Waddams.

The versatile actor currently playing among the ensemble in HBO’s Barryrecently looked past The Rich Iron Show where he was asked about his time at the Mike Judge 1999 cult classic movie where he stole the show.

“Now, at this point in my career, there is not a set I do not go into that does not have a box of staplers that I can sign for the crew,” Root told Eisen, adding that he has written under on countless staplers for fans. “It does not matter what I have done in my career; when someone stops me on the street, it is Office space. “

In the Judge comedy about the monotonous life of some friends working for a software company, Root plays the fan favorite Milton, a meek, awkward man who is mostly led around by staff and brass. Milton’s only bright spot in his job (and maybe even in life) is his red Swingline stapler, which is taken from him by the boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Root explained that there were four staplers used in the film, two of which were destroyed. Judge and Root have the other two screened devices. “I have one, on top of a butter bowl, on top of my TV,” Root remarked.

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Sseason three of Barry premieres Sunday night on HBO.

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