‘Spin Me Round’ opens, specialty film market awaits livelier fall – deadline

“People are catching up to movies,” is how one arthouse executive described the current moment in the specialty, which reflects the slowdown in the studio’s wide releases.

August can be slow ahead of a trio of festivals — Venice, Toronto, New York — and a ramp up to awards season. It may also offer a less blocked lane for specialty films to cross over (Gwyneth Paltrow i Emma). This summer has been slow but strong word of mouth has boosted select films. Warner Bros.’ Elvis for one, is at $143 million, pushing five times what it did opening weekend. Focus Functions’ Mrs. Harris goes to Paris opened at $2 million but will cross $10 million. RRR is a phenomenon that passes $11 million. Greg Laemmle said he is bringing back the blockbuster from India on August 26. Laemmle is also holding an event screening for Neon documentary Fire of love next wednesday. and hope it will keep other races going.

“We’re expecting a strong fall lineup,” he said, noting Triangle of Triangles, Banshees of Inisherin, The silent twins, Warehouseand The son among other. “And we’ve got Searchlight Pictures back.” The Disney-owned distributor’s first theatrical release in months, See how they run, released in Sept. Banshees in Oct.)

The wider cash office awaits Black Adam, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Avatar: The Way of Water. But it is one ecosystem. “I’m a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ kind of guy. When there are big movies out there, people talk about movies and go to the movies. And when people aren’t, the conversation can shift and people will continue to turn on drum for the death of the exhibition,” said Laemmle.

Special openings:

IFC Films presents Jeff Baena’s Spin me round in around 20 markets. Written by Baena, Alison Brie. Starring Brie Alessandro Nivola, Aubrey Plaza, Molly Shannon, Zach Woods, Ayden Mayeri, Ben Sinclair, Tim Heidecker, Debby Ryan, Fred Armisen, Lil Rey Howery. Plaza’s Emily the criminal from Roadside Attractions opened last week.

Brie is the manager of an Italian restaurant chain who wins a chance to participate in the franchise’s educational immersion program in Italy. What she thought would be a romantic getaway turns into chaos and disaster. Deadline’s SXSW review here.

National Geographic Documentary Films presents The territory, the first feature by Alex Pritz, produced by Darren Aronofsky and Sigrid Dyekjaer. Opens at Film Forum in NYC and Laemmle in LA with a national rollout to follow. Premiere at Sundance and won the Special Jury Award for Documentary Craft and the World Cinema Documentary Audience Award. It follows the struggle of the indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people of Brazil – fewer than 190 of them – against the land-grabbing encroachment of non-native farmers who are causing major deforestation. Co-produced by the Uru-eu-wau-wau community. Gripping, true-to-life footage shot by the community, who set up a media team to reveal what’s happening on the ground. Deadline story here.

Super Ltd presents Three minutes – an extension. Voiced by Helena Bonham Carter, directed by Bianca Stigter and executive produced by Steve McQueen. A discovery of three minutes of footage from a Jewish community in Poland in 1938. Opens in NYC at the Quad Cinema. Premiere at the Giornate degli Autori in Venice last year, official selection in Toronto, Telluride and at Sundance 2022. See Deadline’s Sundance Studio here. The footage, shot by David Kurtz in 1938, is the only surviving footage of the Jewish inhabitants of Nasielsk, Poland before the Holocaust. The film explores the human stories hidden in the celluloid. Expanded next week.

Vertical Entertainment presents writer-director Robert Budreau’s dramatic thriller Delia is gone on 214 screens. Louis (Stephan James), who has a mental disability, lives with his older sister Delia (Genelle Williams), who struggles with addiction after the death of their father. After a night of drinking, her truck is found abandoned at a bar, arousing the suspicion of the local sheriff (Marisa Tomei), who quickly discovers that she has been killed. The evidence points to Louis, who, under pressure from the police, pleads guilty and is sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of his sister. Confined to a nursing home, he is visited by Stacker (Travis Fimmel), one of the men who last saw Delia alive. It seems there is more to her death than meets the eye.

Screen media opens The immaculate room on ten screens. Starring Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene and M. Emmet Walsh, written and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil. Follows a seemingly perfect couple who take part in a psychological experiment that will reward thatm $5 million if thaty can remain in a perfect white room for 50 days. But that room is much more than meets the eye.

Good Deed Entertainment and cranked Up Films present Latvian adventure Squeal in NYC (Alamo Manhattan) and LA (Laemmle Music Hall). Filmmaker Aik Karapetian’s dark comedy played at Fantastic Fest. Samuel (Kevin Janssens) is far from home, searching for his father in far Eastern Europe on the edge of a mythical forest. A minor traffic accident leads to an unfortunate chance meeting with a pig farmer’s daughter Kirke (Laura Siliņa).

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