Spider-Man finally uses his secret identity in a clever way

Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. starts a new Spider-Man race this week! A first look reveals that Peter Parker is using his secret identity smarter than ever.

Warning! Contains preview images for The amazing Spider-Man # 1!

Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s new series starts with Marvel comicsThe amazing Spider Man # 1 this week, location Peter Parker in an unusual situation. After some intense adventures with Ben Riley, Black Cat and other characters, Wall-Crawler finally gets a new one Fantastic Spider-Man series for the first time since 2018. The new issue also celebrates 60 years since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko helped create Spider-Man.

Marvel has already teased that Doc Ock and Tombstone have big plans for Spidey this year. With Avengers, X-Men and Eternals busy with Marvel’s upcoming Judgment Day event, Peter is more alone than ever. The front page of the second issue of the new race even makes Peter walk away from Mary Jane and tease a possible separation. This is a pretty big deal, as MJ and Peter are undoubtedly one of the most popular comic book couples of all time.


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Preview images of Fantastic Spider-Man # 1 open with Peter wearing a torn costume in a giant crater. As the reader begins to wonder what could have happened to get Peter here, the story flashes back to Spidey encountering Digger, a villain who John Romita Jr. helped to create. In the middle of Spider-Man’s fight with Digger, the story changes again until Peter Parker gets into Tombstone’s car. Because Lonnie Lincoln does not know Peter Parker’s alter ego, it puts Web-Slinger in a great position to learn top-secret information that he would not be familiar with in his superhero persona. Many people only know Peter Parker as Spider-Man’s photographer, if they even know his name.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 cover from 2022.

John Romita Junior portrays Peter Parker as Spider-Man Screaming.

Spider-Man trolls his enemies in the new first issue of ASM.

Spider-Man fights Digger in a brand new Amazing Spider-Man series.

Peter Parker goes undercover and talks to Tombstone in Amazing Spider-Man 1.

Peter talks to Tombstone in Amazing Spider-Man 1.

Peter Parker using his secret identity to communicate with Tombstone is definitely the highlight of the series’ new preview. DC Comics fans may be familiar with Batman and his “Matches Malone” character, who similarly gets Bruce Wayne disguised as a gangster to get information from the criminal underworld. While it’s time for Spider-Man to use his Peter Parker affiliation to get information in a smart way, fans will have to wait and see if this confrontation has any consequences for Peter. After all, Spider-Man’s loved ones will be in danger if villains choose to threaten him.

The amazing Spider-Man # 1’s preview is everything fans hope for and more. John Romita Jr.’s style looks sharper and cleaner than ever, continuing the family name Spider Man comics. His father, of course, is John Romita Sr., who was the second artist to take over after Steve Ditko left the Wall-Crawler’s series. Whether anyone is a fan of Romita Jr. or not, his style is certainly distinct and it is undeniably stunning to look at Marvel comics Romita’s legacy continues to celebrate Peter Parker to The amazing Spider-Man60th anniversary.

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