Southwark: The youngest knife victim had just moved back to the family home in Bermondsey


Investigators investigating the murder of four people in a “horror house” said a suspect was arrested at the hospital on Tuesday – as it turned out that a victim had only moved in while her own apartment was being furnished.

NHS hospital worker Dolet Hill, 64, was found stabbed to death on the Bermondsey property along with her 58-year-old partner Denton Burke, Mrs Hill’s daughter Tanysha ‘Rachquel’ Ofori-Akuffo, 45, and granddaughter Samantha Drummonds, 27.

When officers entered the house, they also found a man, and officers inserted a taser to detain him. He was then arrested on suspicion of murder.

This 28-year-old man from Lewisham is being treated at the hospital. He is in stable condition but arrested.

The families of all the dead have been notified, Metropolitan Police confirmed on Tuesday.

Neighbors heard a woman scream before the bodies were discovered inside the three-bedroom terrace house at 1:40 a.m. Monday. Detectives spent 12 hours in Samantha’s apartment four and a half miles away in Forest Hill on Monday, asking neighbors about her latest moves and social media.

The victim Dolet Hill was in her mid-60s

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One of them paid tribute to “the cutest girl you could meet” and revealed that she had only recently moved back to her family home in Bermondsey while working on her apartment.

Rudra Brambhatt told Standard: “The police knocked on our door and asked us when we had last seen Samantha. They asked about her contact numbers and Instagram and all. They were in the apartment all day.

‘She had only recently moved out temporarily while her bathroom was finished. Samantha took her cat and went back to the family home. We are crushed. We came out of it so well. She loved music and worked at NatWest. ”

Samantha Drummonds

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She added: “She told me she was so excited to get her apartment finished, she told me about the colors she had chosen. Now Samantha will never get to enjoy it. She was a beautiful person in every way, the kindest person and perfect neighbor. ”

The mother of two, Ms. Hill, who was born in Jamaica, recently underwent cancer treatment and worked as a housekeeper at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, friends said. The churchgoer used to go on a charity mission to Ghana to provide orphaned children with clothes, food and toys.

Tracey Henry, the surviving daughter, was “absolutely devastated” and unable to speak to anyone who had “lost four members of her family.”

The friend added: “Why it happened, we just do not know. It’s a really bad time for all of us.” Venecia Reid, Mrs. Hills’ niece, said: “She was very loving, very kind, very generous. She worked very hard to support her two girls and her two grandchildren. She does not deserve that.”

Neighbors were alerted by a woman who screamed for five minutes before they saw relief workers frantically trying to rescue the victims in the middle of Delaford Road. Police are not looking for others in connection with the incident.

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