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Solving the ‘Sunrise Issue’ is the Key to Unlocking Cointelegraph’s Cryptomass Adoption

Solving the ‘Sunrise problem’ is the key to unlocking crypto mass adoption

We’ve all been there. You see something, hear something or feel something, and want to share that feeling or observation with someone else. Do you pick up the phone? Send an SMS? Record a voice message?

People thrive in our shared experiences: a captivating concert, the winning goal of a sports match, waking up to see the sunrise. There is something satisfying about having an experience and being able to share it with someone in real time. And because of technology, we can do that even if another person, calling them our counterpart, is halfway across the world.

Joseph Weinberg was an early investor in 2010 and CEO of Coinsetter until its acquisition of Kraken in 2016. He knows his way around the cryptocurrency world. Weinberg is currently a co-founder of Shyft Network, the blockchain-based trust network that regains trust, credibility and identity. He is passionate about promoting the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain and also serves as an advisor to the OECD and the Financial Stability Board as well as governments and regulatory bodies globally.