Solution to Evan Birnholz’s Crossword on April 24, “Time Trial”

Today’s puzzle is a repeat from June 2016, with a few minor changes to the grid and clues. You can read the text from 2016 here, but just as a refresh: The theme tracks follow the pattern “___ time”, with ten events that match these tracks in a whimsical way.

Here’s what changed from 2016 to today:

My hope is that you can enjoy this puzzle again in 2022, even if you had solved it six years ago. And just like I did in 2016, I kept an Easter egg in the tracks. Led for RANDOM at 114A is [Like the sequence 114, 95, 109, 76, 102, 3]. On the surface, it is a random series of numbers. But if you look at the squares in the grid that contain these numbers, you spell RANDOM. It was an inside joke that the sequence is both random and not random.

We’ll be back to a new puzzle again next week.

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