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Solihull received Tree City of the World status for plans to plant 250,000 trees

SOLIHULL has been given the status of Tree City of the World after its urban planting program.

The borough joins 138 cities worldwide, and one of 19 areas in the UK, to be handed the title.

Other locations include Milan in Italy, Sao Paulo in Brazil and Coventry.

The awards are presented by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with the aim of creating an international network of cities dedicated to promoting best urban forestry practices.

Solihull Council’s Planting Our Future team – which plants 250,000 trees in ten years to help achieve the municipality’s net zero ambitions – will celebrate the award next month.

Councilor Ian Courts, chair of the Solihull Council, said: “What a wonderful recognition for Solihull, its people and all those who have worked to make this possible – I would like to thank my personal thanks for the amazing work done by the volunteers, community groups and other organizations and my council staff who have supported us on this mission.

“How proud I am of what they have all achieved. When I set the goal of 250,000 trees this decade, a year or so ago, I had never dreamed that it would completely capture the imagination as it has.

“Trees are good for our health and leisure, for wildlife and are part of what makes Solihull a great place to live, work and spend free time.

“This planting season, I am told that my team is committed to over 326 volunteers, including schools, businesses, faiths and community groups.”

The Tree Cities of the World program provides a network of like-minded urban forestry leaders to celebrate and share best practices for growing green in the community.

It aims to create more green spaces in urban areas by recognizing the cities that are doing well.

Arbor Day Foundation CEO Dan Lambe said: “Trees are important to people, no matter what country they come from or what language they speak.

“We all want to live in a city that is healthy, robust and beautiful – trees serve as a common language to make it possible.

“Being recognized in the Tree Cities of the World program means that your city is committed to going beyond defining trees as critical green infrastructure for your citizens.”

For more information on Solihull’s Planting Our Future program, click here.

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