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Social Enterprise Café in London -Olivia Simpson

Located in Camden Passage, surrounded by a number of shops, stands Trampoline, a social enterprise café with a mission to increase employment for refugees living in the UK – oh, and they make great coffee and serve delicious food too!

Conflict is unfortunately a global problem, which every year has meant that thousands of people have to flee their homes to survive, sometimes even risking their lives to have a better life for themselves. But even though their physical journey to reach safety may end when they arrive at their new home, another battle has only just begun.

When refugees arrive in new countries, they often do not speak the language. That means they are forced to adjust. Adapt to the new language, the new currency, new lifestyle and of course they have to find new jobs. Unfortunately, although many refugees arriving in the UK are highly qualified, it is difficult for them to find jobs: Unemployment among refugees living in the UK is five times higher than the UK population.

Earlier this year, Pranav Chopra, a tea entrepreneur known for his brand, ‘Nemi Teas’, decided he wanted to do something about refugee employment in the UK. He worked with Antonio Orria, a coffee connoisseur, to make his dream come true. Therefore, in February 2022, ‘Trampoline’ launched a social enterprise café based in Islington, London.

The business helps refugees educate, integrate and become independent citizens in the brutal society, the cafe’s goal is to help refugees find meaningful employment. Although their goal is noble, it will not be an easy task to achieve it, almost a fifth of refugees in the UK are currently unemployed, but with the hope of branching out and turning the café into a British chain, I have no doubt , that Chopra and Orria will succeed in their mission.

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