SMUGKIG! Preview of DC’s DETECTIVE COMICS # 1059 (on offer 4/26!)

Does this bother me … when is a criminal not a criminal? The answer awaits you at the start of a brand new Detective Comics history book from author Mariko Tamaki, guest author Nadia Shammas and legendary artist Ivan Reis! The Riddler is back in Gotham City in style, becoming a media personality and using his newfound influence to wreak havoc on the Dark Knight. While Batman chases tracks to put an end to Riddler’s intrigue, the clock ticks away for the citizens of Gotham, which Edward Nygma has placed in the line of fire … Then, in “Gotham Girl: Interrupted” part one, the superpowered Claire Clover returns to the city that helped ruin her life … for psychiatric treatment in the new Arkham Tower. But when the Gotham Girls’ new-found appearance of normalcy is shaken by a murder mystery, she finds an unexpected one in the heart of the crime … herself.

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Authors: Mariko Tamaki & Nadia Shammas (main story) and Sina Grace (back-up)

Artists: Ivan Reis and Danny Miki (main story) and David Lapham (back-up)

Colors: Brad Anderson (main story) and Trish Mulvihill (back-up)

Letter Writers: Ariana Maher (main story) and Rob Leigh (back-up)

Price: $ 4.99

On sale Tuesday, April 26, 2022!

SMUGKIG! Preview of DC’s DETECTIVE COMICS # 1059 (on offer 4/26!)

Author: Matt Meyer

I’ve been reading comics since I was eleven – over a quarter of a century! I love them as an art form as well as the characters and I would like to see them continue to grow as a respectable medium. It is my humble honor and privilege to serve as Editor-in-Chief of Comic Watch!

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